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Vision 2025: The future of women and girls in golf

In February 2018, Golf Australia launched a strategy to address a fundamental imbalance in the game and draw more women and girls to golf - Vision 2025.

The four main pillars of Vision 2025 are:

1. Culture and leadership: More women on boards and in senior positions; opening up clubhouses and courses and making them more welcoming – equal access, equal rights.

2. Grassroots: Introductions to golf that are friendlier and more social; more emphasis on fun and family; better transition to courses and clubs; hubs and networks for women and girls.

3. High performance and coaching: More heroes to inspire the next generation; more female coaches to nurture and develop them; more chances for the elite to compete and hone their skills.

4. Marketing and positioning: Changing the way the sport is perceived; more women and girls proud to say ‘I play golf’; promoting the fun, healthy, social game – a second sport and a sport for life.

Through Vision 2025, Golf Australia intends to introduce and retain more women and girls in golf through innovative, inspiring, needs based and age and gender appropriate programs, pathways and access to quality coaching.

Click here to read the announcement.

Download the full Vision 2025 Strategy.

Some fantastic work is being achieved through Vision 2025. Read: 2025 Visionaries is a collection of stories celebrating the extraordinary work of various Australian golf clubs and facilities to promote gender equality through golf. Read: Vision 2025 One Year On

In 2019, Golf Australia delivered 47 Vision 2025 Roadshows across the nation. Attendees included golf club leaders and members plus representatives from local council and sporting assemblies. The purpose was to:

  • Share ideas, encourage clubs and their leaders to get involved in Vision 2025, and empower them with the tools to take their first steps towards greater gender equality in their clubs

  • Share the Vision 2025 strategy

  • Explain the Australian Human Rights Commission’s Guidelines for the Promotion of Equal Opportunity for Women and Girls in Golf

  • Introduce a strategy for clubs to follow

  • Provide suggested actions for clubs to implement to increase gender equality in golf

Watch: Vision 2025 Roadshow session

Vision 2025 Roadshow session

Introducing our Vision 2025 Steering Group members who work to deliver a shared annual plan for the Australian golf industry. With all stakeholders contributing ideas and resources to growing the game at all levels for women and girls, the future of golf looks very bright!

Vision 2025 Steering Group_Jill SpargoVision 2025 Steering Group_Sarah ChiaVision 2025 Steering Group_James SutherlandVision 2025 Steering Group_David GallichioVision 2025 Steering Group_Chyloe KurdasVision 2025 Steering Group_Karen LunnVision 2025 Steering Group_Gavin KirkmanVision 2025 Steering Group_Paul VardyVision 2025 Steering Group_Karrie WebbVision 2025 Steering Group_Stuart FraserVision 2025 Steering Group_Gary Thomas

Golf Australia has partnered with key golf industry organisations to bring Vision 2025 to life.

The R&A Australian Ladies Professional Golf (ALPG) PGA of Australia (PGA) Golf Management Australia (GMA) Golf NSW Golf WA

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