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Golf is a largely self-regulating activity. To help to minimise pressure on the Rules of Golf and the Rules of Handicapping, the Amateur Status Rules limit the form and value of prizes an amateur may accept based on performance in a competition. The Rules make a clear distinction between amateur and professional golf in a modern context, and as a result provide clarity and opportunity for amateur players, competition organizers and potential sponsors.

The Rules have been designed to help support a healthy game long into the future, for those playing at the highest levels and for the many who play the game solely for pure enjoyment and the challenge it presents.

CLICK HERE to read about the prize regulations that apply to all Australian golf events and clubs.

Should you wish to apply for a reinstatement of your Amateur Status, please download and complete the following form.

Download Amateur Status Reinstatement Form (Australia) 1/10/2017

Once completed, please email the form to Rules&

The Rules of Amateur Status permit amateurs in Australia to receive expenses, payment or compensation for giving golf instruction as part of a Program that has been approved in advance by Golf Australia. The guidelines under which amateurs can apply for approval have been designed by GA and the PGA of Australia.

These guidelines encourage amateurs to work with PGA members in growing the game while also encouraging the provision of coaching in rural and remote areas.

Click on the links below for application details:

The 2022 Rules of Amateur Status provide substantial relaxation of the restrictions that have historically applied to elite amateurs. CLICK HERE to view a resource that offers guidance on the various opportunities available to elite players under the new Rules, and which explains the changes from the previous Rules.

For more information on the rules of amateur status, please visit the R&A website.

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