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Golf Australia facilitates and encourages a number of pathways for young amateurs in Australia as they develop their games, including the continually expanding Golf Australia Give Back program.

Karrie Webb Series presented by Nippon Shaft

Grace Kim, Sarah Jane Smith, Karrie Webb, Hannah Green and Becky Kay

Grace Kim, Sarah Jane Smith, Karrie Webb, Hannah Green and Becky Kay at the 2019 KPMG Women's PGA Championship.

The Karrie Webb Series forms a subset of the Golf Australia Order of Merit with a combination of female amateur and professional events forming the Karrie Webb Series schedule. Minimum standards for an event to be included on the schedule are established by Golf Australia. 

Players are awarded points based on their finishing position in each event. Points are weighted according to the caliber of event.

Players must compete in a minimum of six events from the Karrie Webb Series schedule to be eligible to win the series, with the best six finishes being counted regardless of number of events contested. 

The Karrie Webb Series runs annually and concludes each year in March. 

There are two recipients of the Karrie Webb series scholarship per year with the scholarship recipients being determined as follows:

  1. Selection based on performance in the Karrie Webb series

  2. Leading Australian Female on WAGR

The WAGR cut-off for the 2023-24 Karrie Webb Series will be 21 March 2024.

The Karrie Webb Series will conclude following the Rene Erichsen on 22 March 2024.

  1. The KWS events are held across Australia and are inclusive of female amateur and professional events. 

  2. Minimum standards are established for conducting the events by Golf Australia (e

    vents must be a minimum of 54-holes and qualify as a WAGR event).

  3. Players are awarded points based on finishing position (forms a subset of the Golf Australia Order of Merit).

  4. Points are weighted according to the standard of competition (amateur vs. professional).

  5. Players must compete in a minimum of six events from the KWS to be eligible to win the scholarship. 

  6. Total points are accumulated from the best six finishes regardless of the number of events contested.

  7. The KWS will run annually and conclude each year in March.

The Karrie Webb Coaching Scholarship aims to acknowledge, support and further develop young female coaches who aspire to excel in their coaching careers. The scholarship provides valuable opportunities for recipients to enhance their coaching skills and learn from world class coaches and mentors from Australia and around the world. Applications will be available early 2024 and the successful recipient will be announced 22 March 2024.  

Here are the key details:

  • Recognition and Support: The scholarship aims to recognize and support aspiring female coaches, acknowledging their potential and dedication in the coaching field.

  • Skill Enhancement and Mentorship: Recipients of the scholarship will have the privilege of attending various coaching events and shadowing world-class coaches in their working environments. This experience will be invaluable in improving their coaching abilities and gaining insights from experts in the field.

  • Financial Support: The scholarship includes a monetary award of $7,500 enabling the coach to cover expenses related to attending coaching events, such as travel, accommodation, and registration fees. Additionally, it provides financial support for the coach to gain hands-on experience, learn new techniques, and expand their coaching knowledge.

  • Application Process: Interested individuals can apply for the scholarship through a structured application process. Karrie Webb and the Golf Australia High-Performance team will review the applications and select the deserving recipients based on their potential and passion for coaching.

  • Tailored Development Opportunities: Upon selection, the scholarship recipients will work closely with Karrie Webb and the GA High-Performance team to identify their specific coaching needs and development opportunities. This personalized approach ensures that the scholarship aligns with the individual recipient's goals and provides relevant support for their coaching journey.

Cameron Smith Scholarship

Tyler Duncan, Cameron Smith and Elvis Smylie

Cam Smith with 2019 scholarship winners Tyler Duncan and Elvis Smylie

As a part of Golf Australia's Give Back program, Queensland's Cameron Smith founded his own scholarship program in 2016, a year after he cracked the top five at the US Open and kick-started his professional career.

Cam was heavily involved in the QAS, Golf Queensland's and Golf Australia's High Performance programs as a promising amateur and was desperate to give back to the framework that helped him transition to a professional golfer.

Evolving over its first few years, the Cameron Smith Scholarship offers two athletes an invitation to Cameron’s home in Florida for a week of practice, training and living like a PGA Tour professional, a truly unforgettable experience.

Re-live the 2018 experience with Queensland scholarship recipients Louis Dobbelaar and Jediah Morgan below:

Cameron Smith Scholarship winners 2018

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