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Golf Australia has adopted Sport Integrity Australia’s Australian National Anti-Doping Policy for sport, effective 1 January 2021:

Anti-doping rules apply to all participants of our sport from elite down to grassroots. All members must be aware of, and have a basic understanding of their obligations in regards to anti-doping. The Sport Integrity Australia website has a range of information and resources to assist, including:

Prohibited list of substances and methods

The Prohibited List outlines the substances and methods that are prohibited in sport. It is updated annually by the World Anti-Doping Agency. Remember that individual products or brands are not named on the Prohibited List. Athletes should check the status of all medications before they use them on GlobalDRO.


Sport Integrity Australia eLearning offers a number of online courses relating to sport integrity, including doping, match fixing, illicit drugs and ethical decision making courses. Specific anti-doping courses are also available for coaches, support persons, medical practitioners and parents.

Sport Integrity App

The Sport Integrity app is a one-stop shop for all sport integrity needs, designed with athletes in mind.

The app allows users to check whether their medications are banned in sport, find low risk supplements to reduce their change of testing positive accidentally, and check whether they need a Therapeutic Use Exemption. The app is also a tool to raise concerns about things like doping, match-fixing, harassment or illicit drug use. It also features further information on eLearning modules, whereabouts and testing information and gives users the opportunity to provide feedback to Sport Integrity Australia.

The app is free and can be downloaded from the Apple and Android app stores.

The current version of the GA Code of Conduct & Disciplinary Procedure for National Championships came into effect on 1 February 2018. This version replaces all previous versions.

The GA Code of Conduct & Disciplinary Procedure applies to all participants in events conducted under the auspices of Golf Australia. A ‘participant’ in a GA Event is someone who has engaged with that Event as any of the following: a competitor, a caddie (as defined in the Rules of Golf as approved by R&A Rules Limited), a family member or friend or supporter or associate of a competitor or caddie, a non-playing captain or manager, a team official or support official, a spectator, a person who comments digitally or otherwise in a public domain on an Event or on another Participant of an Event, and anyone else considered by GA at its absolute discretion to be a Participant.

Click here to view the Condensed Version of the GA Code of Conduct & Disciplinary Procedure (the Condensed Version will serve as a useful summary of the Complete Version).

Click here to view the Complete Version of the GA Code of Conduct & Disciplinary Procedure (the Complete Version contains the full technical detail of the Code and the Disciplinary Procedure).

Please direct any queries to Golf Australia at

Golf Australia has adopted a policy to help ensure the game is inclusive of people with a disability. Click here to view the Golf Australia Disability Policy

Click here to download below to view the Gender Policy with respect to participation in all GA National Championships and the issuing of Australian Handicaps

Click here to download the Golf Australia Hard Card (version 2024) which is in effect for all GA National Championships.

The Golf Australia Hot Weather Guidelines have been adapted from Sports Medicine Australia policies and guidelines regarding the prevention of heat illness in sport in children and adults.

It should be noted that these are purely guidelines.

They should be considered not just for competitors, but also for caddies, officials and volunteers involved in the game.

Click here for the Golf Australia Hot Weather Policy

Click here to download the document below on Golf Australia Match Fixing Policy

Please refer to the Terms of Competition for the selected event at to view the relevant motorised transport policy.

Click here to download the document below to view the Golf Australia Privacy Policy

Click here to view the policy on smoking and alcohol consumption at GA events.

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