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Handicapping operational resources

Click here to download a publication containing everything you need to know about handicapping in Australia. The topics covered include:

  • General information & obligations on Australian users of the World Handicap System.

  • Calculation of handicaps & handicap statuses.

  • How course ratings are used in the calculation of handicaps.

  • Scores for handicapping purposes.

  • Allocation of GA Handicaps & reactivation of previous GOLF Link records.

  • Manual override by a club of the normal handicap calculation process.

  • Allocation of a Special Competition Handicap in extraordinary circumstances.

  • Common handicapping scenarios – procedures for pro shops & administrators.

  • Handicap allowances & the application of handicap strokes.

  • Australian Countback Method.

  • Stroke index allocation.

  • Establishing par.

  • Courses with bunkers filled with water or out of play.

  • How scratch ratings & slope ratings are assessed, and modification of courses.

  • And more.

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