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New instructors lead the way in Mt Isa

by Dane Heverin

Golf Australia recently visited Mt Isa to help upskill their recently accredited community instructors.

Mt Isa Golf Club in the heart of outback Queensland has captured the imagination of the local community.

The club has encouraged members to complete the online community instructors course to help run MyGolf and Get Into Golf clinics and the response has been brilliant. 

Golf Australia participation officers recently visited the region to deliver a practical community instructor session and more specific MyGolf and Get Into Golf sessions, and the sessions attracted 160 participants.

The high level of engagement has opened up new opportunities to the local community and those within the club are delighted.

“Having the community instructor programs out here in the Isa has given beginner golfers, junior and senior, a pathway and confidence to try the game of golf and play at their own pace,” Margie McDonald, Mt Isa Golf Club manager, said.

“Many participants are now seen on the course enjoying a new social activity. It is a great feeling knowing that we can offer that avenue for people to come and try the sport that we all love.

“The comments that we have received from participants about how great it is that we have such a program here at our club is quite rewarding. Especially when you see the smiles and laughter of people enjoying the game of golf as well as new faces in the golfing community.”

The first steps in this journey were taken when McDonald and members of Mt Isa’s ladies committee reached out to Golf Australia for advice on Get Into Golf after they had applied to receive funding from the North Queensland Sports Foundation.

Golf Australia was also contacted by the North Queensland Sports Foundation as they shared a keen interest in female engagement and participation, and the discussions resulted in Golf Australia’s visit to Mt Isa.

“The plan was to upskill the recently accredited community instructors to continue with the delivery once GA had left the region,” Scott Simons, Golf Australia participation officer - Queensland, said.

“The sheer number of participants who attended the sessions, clearly highlighted the need for this visit. While the numbers were good, it also showed us that planning and the need to upskill volunteers in our national programs is important.”

Mt Isa’s instructors are now well-equipped to continue delivering Get Into Golf and MyGolf programs, as well as the numerous other initiatives the club has in place to keep the momentum going.

“We plan to hold regular courses for beginners, get a junior league up-and-running and hold regular social events to encourage more people to play golf at a very social level,” McDonald said.

“Our social days are very welcomed with loads of great laughs by all. Overall every person, young and old, that has participated in any of the clinics has had a great time.”

For other clubs and facilities wanting to follow in Mt Isa’s footsteps, Simons said they simply need to get in touch with Golf Australia.

“It is important to have a group of people with common interests working together to achieve a common goal. GA is a great resource for clubs, especially if they are looking to implement participation programs or other initiatives at their facilities,” he said.

“Consistency in delivery and communication is important, as this keeps customers and/or participants engaged. If you are not sure how to implement programs or get community members involved, contact GA for some advice.”

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