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Become a teaching professional

The PGA's Membership Pathway Program (MPP) is designed to be completed over a three (3) year period and provides both male and female golfers a pathway into a career in the golf industry in vocational and tournament areas. For more information regarding the MPP and how to get involved, visit the PGA of Australia website.

Become a community coach

Becoming a Community Golf Instructor through the CI Accreditation enables you to share your love of golf and help grow the game.

The Community Instructor Program provides online training and accreditation, equipping you with the skills and knowledge to deliver national participation programs. As an accredited Community Instructor, you can provide support to the PGA professional to extend their program offerings and assist the facility in increasing community involvement and membership at the club. If your local facility is not serviced by a PGA professional, by becoming a Community Instructor, you can become a primary deliverer of these participation programs, ensuring beginner golfers in your area are provided with an entry point into the game.

There are currently 3 different courses available that will accredit you to deliver certain programs. Click on each tile to find out more information about each course and what they will accredit you to deliver. If you have any enquiries or require any assistance, please contact Golf Australia via

Resources and policies

Resources and policies

Community Instructor Resource manuals and instructional videos

Please enter the email you used to complete your Community Instructor Accreditation and select ‘forgot password’ to create a password for the account created for you. If you already have an account on (i.e Golf Link handicap holders), use the same login details and the resources will be automatically visible on your dashboard.

Building participation at your club through a Community Instructor

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All accredited Community Golf Instructors who deliver the nationally recognised programs are covered under public liability insurance up to $20 million and Professional Indemnity Insurance up to $5 million under Golf Australia’s personal liability program.

In addition, all PGA Professionals are covered as part of their membership. The insurance covers members in respect of personal injury or property damage resulting from instances occurring in connection with PGA activities for example coaching, practice and participation in tournaments etc.

Please note: Community Instructors are only covered by this Insurance when delivering Golf Australia’s National Programs - MyGolf, MyGolf Schools and Get Into Golf. All deliverers must be a listed deliverer within the online program on the MyGolf and Get Into Golf portal. If a Community Instructor is delivering any other Junior or Adult program outside of the above, you will not be covered by Golf Australia’s Insurance.


All registered participants are covered by personal liability for personal injury or property damage caused while participating in a nationally recognised program.

Please click on the links below to read more about the insurance policies at Golf Australia and the PGA of Australia.

Golf Australia’s Insurance Policy

Updated November, 2023


The purpose of the Community Instructor Reaccreditation Policy is to clearly define the structure, expectations and related processes an accredited Community Instructor must undertake to complete re-accreditation for a further four (4) years

Overview The Community Instructor Program provides golf instruction accreditation linked to all national participation golf programs (MyGolf, MyGolf Schools and Get into Golf), with training and assessment components.

The cost of reaccreditation is $49.00, and this applies to all candidates. This will provide you with a further four (4) years of accreditation to deliver ALL national programs.

Community Instructors who have completed the accreditation since 2020 are eligible to apply for automatic reaccreditation through an automatically generated form sent 3 months out from expiry. To be eligible for automatic reaccreditation, Community Instructors will need to demonstrate that they have delivered a minimum of 2 national participation programs in the past four years, that they have attended a practical training session and that they still hold a valid Working with Children Clearance.

Golf Australia will review the application form and if deemed eligible, Community Instructors will be provided a link to pay the $49.00 fee to receive your renewal eCertificate.

If you are deemed ineligible or know you do not meet the above criteria, you will need to recomplete the online learning module. Information to access this is at the reduced rate is also included in the autogenerated email. Eligibility To be eligible for reaccreditation, candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • Automatic reaccreditation form has been approved OR recompletion of the online Community Instructor course.

  • Ensure any existing pre-requisites remain valid (ie: Working with children check)

Reaccreditation Fee

The fee for each individual reaccreditation is $49 and will provide accreditation for a further four (4) years in all national participation programs.

Australian Guidelines for the Approval of Amateur Golfers to Provide Instruction under Amateur Status Rule 4 as a part of a Golf Australia Compliant Program

Why has this Rule been introduced?

The intent of Rule 4 of the Rules of Amateur Status by The R&A is to encourage the greater delivery of programs aimed at introducing and/or engaging people in golf.

Does it only apply to amateur golfers?

Yes, these guidelines relate only to amateur golfers.

What qualifications are required?

To obtain approval, amateur golfers must have obtained a Community Golf Instructor Accreditation.

Is there a limit placed on the amount of hours and income an amateur golfer may receive for providing instruction as part of a compliant program?

Yes, the R&A suggests each governing body limits the number of hours and the amount of remuneration amateur golfers can receive for giving instruction. Golf Australia has set a limit of 15 hours per week up to a maximum of $15,000 per annum. The reason for this is that the rule change was made with the intent of encouraging the greater delivery of programs aimed at introducing and/or engaging people in golf. It was not made with the intent to allow amateur golfers to set up a business to provide golf instruction full time as this is the role of PGA members.

Can I receive payment for providing instruction prior to receiving approval?

No, receiving payment without obtaining approval from Golf Australia would be a breach of Rule 4 of the Rules of Amateur Status.

What is the insurance coverage required and why?

An amateur golfer giving golf instruction must be covered by insurance. The coverage required under these guidelines is $20m for Public Liability and $5m Professional Indemnity. This is in place to protect the interests of the coach. Litigation is becoming more common in Australia and, despite their best intentions; coaches can put themselves at risk of legal action. It is therefore important for coaches to ensure they have insurance coverage to minimise the risk of personal loss through legal action.

Can I provide instruction at a facility where there is already a PGA member?

If you wish to provide instruction at a facility already serviced by a PGA member, endorsement must first be obtained by that PGA member. Amateur golfers are advised to work closely with PGA members at their facility and in their local area.

What if there is not a PGA member servicing the facility where I wish to provide instruction as part of a compliant program?

If a PGA member does not service the facility, support is not required. This will generally only be applicable in rural and remote areas where there are not many PGA members.

Can I provide instruction as part of a compliant program at a Golf Club?

Yes, however prior support must be obtained by the club.

Is a club able to employ an amateur golfer to provide instruction rather than a PGA member?

No, should a club or facility wish to employ an amateur golfer to replace a PGA member or in the place of a PGA member, the program will not be considered compliant.

What if my program isn’t one of the compliant programs listed in the terms and conditions? Community Instructors are not trained or accredited to deliver anything outside of compliant programs, MyGolf, Schools or Get Into Golf. This means they will not be covered by Golf Australia's insurance policy if delivering any programs or lessons outside of the terms of the accreditation.

Must my program conform to any policies?

All programs must conform to Golf Australia’s National Integrity Framework and Member Protection Policy.

What happens if there are changes in the guidelines?

If the guidelines change, the change must be adopted by all approved amateur golfers.

What happens if I breach the conditions?

A breach of the conditions may result in the voiding of any approval and/or loss of Amateur Status.

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