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Golf for all at Maroochy River Family Day

by Andrew Young

Mini golf at Maroochy River

Mini golf is set to make a major impact at Maroochy River Golf Club on the Sunshine Coast this Sunday, as the club hosts a Family Day on their new mini golf course. 

An initiative run in support of Golf Australia’s Women and Girls’ Month, the Family Day will run from 9am – 11am, giving everyone the chance to come and enjoy the game, with refreshments available at the club’s bistro and bar throughout.  

Maroochy River Operations Manager, Ben Dobson, is excited to welcome a new and experienced players alike to the club on Sunday. 

“Having the mini golf here is really beneficial to be able to run days like this,” he said. “It should be a good chance to get families out there enjoying some golf on a Sunday morning. 

“There will be the opportunity to continue on and have lunch, coffee and drinks too, so there is a real dual benefit for everyone there.” 

Free to play and with no pre-registrations required for the Family Day, the mini golf course at Maroochy River opened in 2019. It offers realistic landscaping, water features and two challenge levels to suit all players. 

To that end, since it opened five years ago, the mini golf facility has been particularly popular; attracting a new clientele to the club. From birthday parties, work functions and even date nights, the feedback has been exceptional. 

“We are seeing a different demographic here for sure,” said Dobson. “At the end of the day, it is fun, in a relaxed environment with the chance to have a drink and a bite to eat.” 

Part of a broader push at the club to make the game accessible to more golfers than ever before, Maroochy River also boasts a driving range at their state-of-the-art facility. 

“Between the public driving range and the recent addition of the mini golf, the club has certainly adopted a philosophy of welcoming new players,” Dobson said. “There is no doubt that is our approach to things.” 

The driving range, too, has allowed the club to attract and retain new players for on-course golf, as the coaching facilities available also encourage new players to make the transition to playing outdoors. 

“We do see a flow on effect,” Dobson noted. “It exposes people to golf and that is the main thing.” 

The club’s commitment to engaging more players is additionally evident in the extensive junior program available. From coaching packages for beginners, to junior clinics, as well as a pathway to the club’s high-performance system and junior pennant, it’s all possible at Maroochy River. 

“Our junior system is very strong and certainly something we try and promote,” Dobson explained. “We aim to balance that with ensuring our existing members can play regularly as well. 

“It’s all about getting people out to play golf.” 

Golf Australia is also holding its own Family Day at Sandy Golf Links in Melbourne on Sunday March 17th. A nine-hole Ambrose event will take place, along with a Get Into Golf Clinic. 

A Day of excitement will be a fantastic experience suitable for all ages and skill levels. Fom children to adults, beginners to seasoned players, men and women. For more information, click HERE: https://www.golf.org.au/women-girls-month-march-2024/ 


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