16 Jun 2023 | Women and girls |

Women's Golf Day celebrated in Australia

by Australian Golf Media

PGA Professional Jade Shellback runs a clinic as part of Women's Golf Day.

Australia has joined 80 countries around the world to celebrate Women’s Golf Day.

Evolving into a weeklong celebration, WGD is a collaborative effort by various stakeholders around the globe to engage, empower and support girls and women through golf.

Conducive to winter elements, Big Swing Golf generated a campaign to get women swinging indoors.

Eleven Big Swing venues across the southern states - Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, and NSW took part with a total of 190 women enjoying clinics in May. Jayden Zeinstra, National Program Manager – Get Into Golf at Golf Australia saw a session first-hand and was thrilled with the outcome.

“It was great to see how the coaches delivered the session, and how the participants took to the environment,” he said.

“There was lots of socialising, plenty of laughs, and by the end of the session some pretty impressive golf swings” Tiffany Cherry, Head of Women and Girls Engagement at Golf Australia, says it’s inspiring to see golf deliverers capitalising on national and international campaigns to advance women’s golf.

“There are numerous key dates and campaigns across the year where clubs can promote women and girls’ golf.

“These campaigns can spark a conversation, initiate action, and boost momentum,” she said. Key campaigns and dates include, but are not limited to:

• International Day of the Girl (Wednesday 11 October 2023) • International Women’s Day (Friday 8 March 2024) • Women and Girls Golf Month, Golf Australia (March 2024) • MyGolf Girls Month, Golf Australia (April 2024) • Mothers Day (May 2024) Learn more about Get Into Golf via the website

Learn more about Women’s Golf Day at Home - Womens Golf Day

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