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Win your own Wingman with Bushnell and GA

by Golf Australia

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Golf Australia and Bushnell Golf have already had a strong response to the competition to win a new Wingman – the sensational new audible GPS unit and music speaker for golfers who like to release their inner DJ.

Bushnell Golf are offering 10 units for the best Spotify playlists submitted by golfers.

While he won’t be entering the competition for obvious reasons, Bushnell’s International sales manager Paul McLean has offered up some 90s rock n’ roll as his favourite tracks to play golf to.

McLean likes his Midnight Oil, his Beatles, his Elton John, Simon & Garfunkel and REM. He can be found listening to Weddings, Parties, Anything, to Billy Bragg and Neil Diamond.

“Golfers are always looking for a competitive edge, while still trying to have fun,’’ said McLean this week.

“We are excited to introduce a product that will allow them to enjoy themselves on the course, while providing them with the functions of a distance measuring device.

“With its ability to play music and provide the GPS data golfers rely on, the Wingman GPS speaker is unlike any other product in the industry, and we are thrilled to add it to the Bushnell golf family.

“Music on the course is a massive thing in the US at the moment. Obviously not during comp rounds but when having a fun 18 holes with your mates, it’s perfect.”

McLean has been using his own Wingman for a few months and says it has become a talking point on-course.

"My playing partners are in for a historical music feast with a touch of political lyrics,” he said.


U2- Beautiful Day Your Song- Elton John Mondays Experts – Weddings Parties Anything Power and the Passion- Midnight Oil A New England- Billy Bragg

To enter the competition, work out your Spotify playlist for golf with at least 10 songs, and submit it via the link below. The top 10 score a Wingman!

Click here now to enter!

Check out the Busnhell Wingman in action...

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