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Update: Virus latest from GA

by Golf Australia

Some time-honoured events sadly won't be played in 2020.
Some time-honoured events sadly won't be played in 2020.

Golf Australia advises that its weekend tournament play will proceed.

The organisation will continue to closely monitor developments of the Covid-19 virus in line with Australian Government recommendations on the corona virus pandemic.

GA protocols also insist that all events necessarily involving crowds or large-scale interstate travel remain under strict review.

But as no such criteria are breached in any weekend instances, there are currently no defined reasons to cancel the South Australian Amateur Championship, Rene Erichsen Salver, nor various pennant competitions around the country.

GA will urgently advise all stakeholders should there be a fundamental reason to alter our beliefs around participants' safety and wellbeing.

The situation obviously remains volatile and GA staff stand ready to act on government advice.

It is Golf Australia’s recommendation to clubs and facilities that advice from the Department of Health and Smartraveller website be monitored closely in coming days.

All clubs and facilities have been provided with information on how best to manage their respective situations, particularly around expert advice on personal hygiene.

But GA strongly advises that if anyone - at elite or club level - has flu-like symptoms or been in contact with someone who has, to please refrain from attending as planned and seek medical advice as required.

A formal decision will be made – and announced – soon on a series of national events scheduled for April, including the Australian Junior Amateur Championships in South Australia (girls) and the ACT (boys) and the subsequent Junior Interstate Series tournaments.

The Australian Interstate Series, scheduled for May in Sydney, is also under review with a separate decision expected shortly afterwards.

Other key events will be addressed as necessitated by future developments.

Golf Australia will, along with its partners in the Australian golf industry, continue to make decisions based on the welfare of all involved in the sport.

For further information from the Federal Government on Covid-19, the Coronavirus Health Information Line operates 24 hours a day on 1800 020 080.

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