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Top 10 interviews | Inside The Ropes

by Golf Australia


Re-live some of the biggest moments on Inside The Ropes in recent years as we look back at ten of our favourite guest interviews on the show.

#4 • Geoff Ogilvy

It only took us a month to welcome our first major champion and it was a real thrill to welcome one of the game's most eloquent pros and deep thinkers in 2006 US Open champion Geoff Ogilvy. Listen from 17:55...

#8 • Ian Baker-Finch

He's got one of Australian golf's most recognisable voices and Ian Baker-Finch was in fine form on Episode 8, reflecting on lifting the Claret Jug and a rollercoaster professional career. Listen from 1:45...

#19 • David Graham

Our 'Road To The Open' series continued as David Graham joined us to discuss his incredible path to the 1977 Australian Open and his subsequent Hall of Fame career. Listen at 40:00...

#25 • Bruce Devlin

We welcomed another Aussie golf icon to the show as part of the 'Road To The Open' series, this time in the form of Bruce Devlin. Listen at 33:15...

#26 • Gary Player

In perhaps the show's biggest coup to date, we welcomed arguably the Australian Open's greatest champion, Mr Gary Player, to the show. Listen at 14:30...

#65 • Jan Stephenson

In mid-2018 we had the pleasure of welcoming Australia's newest World Golf Hall of Fame member to the podcast in the form of trailblazer and Aussie icon Jan Stephenson. Listen at 19:55...

#104 • Adam Scott

If you want to know what Adam Scott’s “go-to” karaoke song is, you’ve come to the right place. The former Masters champ made his ITR debut and was typically candid in discussing a range of matters from Tiger to Olympics and all things in between. Listen at 29:10...

#108 • Hannah Green

Finally, the podcast we'd always dreamed of recording! On Ep 108, Australia's newest major champion, Hannah Green, jumped on the line barely 24 hours after sealing the biggest win of her life and producing one of Australian golf's greatest days. Listen at 31:15...

#112 • Briony Lyle

There have been many moving moments around Jarrod Lyle on ITR and we added to that list with a touching chat with his wife, Briony Lyle. Andy Maher turned the mic on joint authors of Jarrod's book, Mark Hayes and Martin Blake, who along with Briony shared some emotional insights. Listen at 26:25...

#168 • Mark Allen

At long last, we welcomed Aussie legend Mark Allen to Inside The Ropes for the first time to give an update on his health, discuss some of the good and tough times of a magnificent pro career in a must-listen interview. Listen at 17:55...

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