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Toni celebrates 60 years of golf at the one club

by Paul Munnings

Toni Gregory and her family

Toni Gregory's remarkable achievement of 60 consecutive years playing golf at the Maitland Golf Club in New South Wales has been honoured with a special celebration.

Toni is the longest playing member at the club, starting in 1965 at the age of 19 on a handicap of 36, and over the 60 years she has managed to accumulate hundreds of trophies, including 13 Maitland club championships,

The lowest handicap she achieved was eight, she's had two holes-in-one and Toni is hoping to still be playing A-grade golf in her 80s.

She's still hugely competitive at Maitland. Even though her first club title came at age 20, just last year she was runner-up in the club championship at age 77.

"I am what you’d have to say is a golfaholic, I’ve adored the sport," Toni said.

"I started golf with on old set of men’s iron-shafted sticks - a 2-wood a 3, 5 ,7-iron and a putter. Five sticks in total.

"After winning that first championship, dad bought me a ladies set. I thought I was the ants pants. Now I have more than a full set of the latest top of the range titanium head sticks.

"I have more than the allowed 14 sticks, so periodically, some are taken from the bag and spend time in the cupboard in the naughty corner.

"The biggest change to golfing equipment from my point of view is the ride-on carts. I wouldn’t still be playing without one."

Toni's celebratory golf day, a Canadian foursomes event with current and past Maitland members, featured another two generations of her family - daughters Letitia and Ketrice and grandson Frazer.

"I must thank Letitia and Ketrice in sharing so many rounds of golf together, you’d have to say between the three of us there is no shortage of competitiveness," she said.

After a hit on the Hunter Valley course, Toni was the guest of honour at a luncheon with her old golfing friends.

"I’ve had the pleasure of meeting so many golfers around the state. We all have one thing in common the enjoyment from golf and the friendships we have made along the way," she said.

"I’ve held every position in the club, some positions twice. I enjoyed handicap manager the most, when it was all done manually. I enjoyed mathematics and doing the eclectic or working out players broken handicaps wasn’t a chore.

The position I was most fearful of holding was secretary, as its well known with my friends that I’m a terrible speller.

"People would say now that there’s spell check on the computer you’ll be fine. Well now I’m secretary and on the odd occasion my spelling is so bad, spell check won’t work."

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