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TeeMates: The brother and sister inspiring their parents

by Patrick Taylor

Phoenix and Skye Munoz. Photo supplied: Ray Munoz.

Many junior golfers begin their journey in the game watching their parents play and following in their footsteps, but a family in Tasmania has tipped that age-old timeline on its head. Phoenix and Skye Munoz from Launceston have inspired both their parents to take up the game, with the whole family now hooked. "I thought it would just be something they do for fun, but they're actually pretty good at it," laughed dad Ray about his kids’ enthusiasm for golf. "I had to learn, and mum had to learn, because when we caddie, we have to know the sport." Ray and his partner Therese see a coach at Launceston Golf Club to work on their own games, but Ray admits that Phoenix and Skye still have their measure at this stage. "We are only starting, the kids would still beat us, even Skye who is six," Ray said. "Obviously there's a lot of laughs from the kids, but they're really enjoying it." In just 12 months of golf, 12-year-old Phoenix has managed to reduce his initial handicap of 54 to a very impressive nine, while younger sister Skye is already winning multiple tournaments, including the recent TeeMates event at Riverside Golf Club. "We travel a lot in the state here, and we've also travelled to the mainland for a comp there," said Ray. "We just love supporting these two kids because it's something that's very, very positive for them." As well as competing, Ray says the family enjoy playing together at driving ranges, and as well on simulators. "They've got sponsorships with WillFit Golf here which is an indoor golf facility," Ray said. This ensures the kids can keeping growing and working on their game year round, and have lots of fun in the process with the endless interactive activities available at indoor golf facilities. This year Ray and Therese are looking forward to continuing to watch Skye and Phoenix as their love for golf grows, and indeed building their own relationship with the game.

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Golf is all about firsts – your first long putt, your first chip-in, your first par, your first birdie, your first hole-in-one, the first time you break 100.

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