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TeeMates Firsts: Zach’s first event

by Patrick Taylor

Young Zach Hatamosa is spreading the word about TeeMates.

Eight-year-old Zach Hatamosa may have only recently played his first TeeMates event at Eastern Golf Club in Melbourne's north, but he’s already an awesome ambassador for the program.

Sporting his TeeMates merchandise whenever he's out and about, Zach and his dad Grant are spreading the word and encouraging others to sign up to Australia's virtual golf club for kids which has just celebrated its first birthday.

"We've actually been telling the people in our clinics that they should be signing up to TeeMates," said Grant.

"I even say that we can go with them if they are a bit scared to try it out for the first time."

As well as starting to attend TeeMates events, Zach is a regular at the Ringwood Teemates clinics, where Grant says his game has been coming on in leaps and bounds.

"The coach at Ringwood has corrected Zach’s grip, as well as his backswing and he is starting to hit a lot further now," he said.

While his golf game improves, TeeMates has also allowed Zach the opportunity to make friends and build connections with other kids who are beginning their golf journey.

"When he is wearing his TeeMates hat, kids who know the program will approach him and say, 'Oh, you're also in TeeMates!'," Grant said.

"He's making friends and there are a couple of people he's also really looked up to and says to me, 'I want to be like that kid'."

Golf is all about firsts – your first long putt, your first chip-in, your first par, your first birdie, your first hole-in-one, the first time you break 100. We are celebrating all our TeeMates Firsts in a special series across our Golf Australia channels. Please send us your story of your TeeMates First to info@teemates.org.au. We’d love a photo, or a video if you have it, and some information to help us tell the story.

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