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TeeMates Firsts: Ted's first hole-in-one

by Patrick Taylor

Ted TeeMates
Ted could not wipe the smile off his face! Photo: Jarrod Kenney

After an almighty blow with his driver from 62 metres, Ted Kenney’s ball took a few skips before slowly rolling and finally finding the hole. He couldn't wipe the smile off his face.

The seven-year-old from Croydon in Victoria was practising with his dad Jarrod when he had his first hole-in-one, a feat some golfers wait a lifetime for.

Ted is a TeeMates TeeOff member who will hopefully become a TeeMates Connect member in the near future.

He has played in a few Rookie Series events and has been working hard on his game.

"Ted has put a lot of effort the last few months to improve, he practices every single day," Jarrod said.

"He has developed a couple of good friendships both doing a junior golf program at Dorset but also in competing in some of the Rookie Series events this year.

"It’s been great for his social networking skills."

TeeMates is Golf Australia's junior golf community which supports kids and teenagers on their golfing journeys, giving them awesome access to different types of golf all over Australia.

As a TeeMates TeeOff member, Ted has had access to educational and promotional opportunities to foster his growing love for golf.

TeeMates Connect and TeeMates Plus members receive even more benefits including discounted golf, access to TeeMates events, a player gift, and a Golf Australia handicap for plus members.

Everybody is welcome at TeeMates, with the goal for kids to have fun and get involved at any level they desire.

We wish Ted the best and hope he continues to enjoy all the "firsts" he still has to come.

To find out more about TeeMates and to sign up, click here.

Golf is all about firsts – your first long putt, your first chip-in, your first par, your first birdie, your first hole-in-one, the first time you break 100.

We want to celebrate all our TeeMates Firsts in a new series across our Golf Australia channels. Please send us your story of your TeeMates First to info@teemates.org.au. We’d love a photo, or a video if you have it, and some information to help us tell the story.

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