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Stronger together at Oxley Golf Club

by Andrew Young

Oxley Golf Club

Oxley Golf Club has partnered with Adapt Oxley to offer a brand-new gym facility on site. 

Tailored workout programs and a state-of-the-art facility in which to complete them are par for the course at Oxley Golf Club, as the club continues to offer their community more than just golf. 

The gym – Adapt Oxleyopened a month ago and is occupying what was previously an underutilised seminar room.  

Now a thriving space that welcomes both golf club members and the general public, Adapt Oxley has been a hit. 

“Making better use of the space was something we had been thinking about for a while,” explains Oxley Golf Club General Manager, Aaron Muirhead. “We put the word out to a few groups who run gyms and it happened that one of our club members runs a business and wanted to jump on the lease. 

“In that way it has turned out really well.” 

The beginning of a successful partnership, the interest in and use of the facility has been strong since Adapt Oxley opened its doors, with club members in particular excited to have the chance to train at the club.  

“The uptake has been very good,” says Muirhead. “Better than they were expecting.” 

Offering a hands-on training experience, Adapt Oxley takes clients through an extensive screening process to determine the best workout program and membership category to reach a range of fitness goals. 

Also designed to adapt to the seasons, users can expect their training to shift and change throughout the year, to ensure that exercise is as engaging and effective as possible.  

As more people come to Oxley to sweat it out, Muirhead is also excited to have the chance to offer golf to more people than ever before. 

“We are hoping that down the line people who have come and joined the gym might find their way to golf in one way or another,” he says. “Whether that is eighteen holes, mini golf or even some lessons.” 

The club’s willingness to innovate and maximise the space is indicative of a broader attitude at Oxley.  

Muirhead, who describes himself as “not one to sit and manage tee times,” already has one eye on another project. 

After receiving a sport and recreation grant, the club has committed to building a brand-new coaching and wellness precinct. A space that will offer yoga and Pilates studios, golf coaching bays and a putting lab, it shapes as another trailblazing development for Oxley. 

“Ultimately, I think as golf club managers, we do need to be looking for new challenges and potentially ways to make money for the club,” Muirhead says. 

He also believes the need to offer players more than the traditional eighteen holes is an emergent reality for clubs across Australia, considering golf’s continued rise.  

“I think the big thing is looking at spaces at our clubs that might be underused, and how we can maximise them,” he explains. 

“It might be – as in our case – partnerships or joint ventures or thinking a bit further outside the box and recognising how we can diversify the product.  

“There are lots of ways for golf clubs to create an extra revenue stream.”  

For more information on Adapt Oxley, click HERE  

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