Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is the basis for a club’s long term viability. A strategic plan provides a focus on the more important long term direction of the club. Golf Australia has a range of services and templates to assist your club to develop a strategic plan that is aligned to the Australian Golf Strategy.

Is your golf club seeking to develop a strategic plan that…

  • Aligns stakeholders to a set of common objectives.

  • Demonstrates a growth mindset for the benefit of all members and golf.

  • Focuses the energy of the board and staff into productive activities that set the club up for long-term success.

  • Aligns to the Australian Golf Strategy.

Golf Australia offers a comprehensive strategic planning service for golf clubs utilising our substantial resources, both internally and externally, to drive strategic plans for golf clubs that reflect the pillars of the Australian Golf Strategy and contain key objectives relating to areas such as financial sustainability, growing membership, increasing patronage, facility development and developing the workforce.

Golf Australia's stategic planning service produces:

  • A strategic plan for the club, aligned to the Australian Golf Strategy.

  • A comprehensive strategic action plan that prioritises actions of most importance and impact, clearly outlines areas where the club can leverage Golf Australia resources to aid in successful implementation.

  • A balanced scorecard tool to help measure strategic outcomes and boost engagement with stakeholders.

Golf Australia's purpose is to have more Australian’s playing more golf. The alignment of clubs and facilities around the country will not only prove beneficial for clubs and facilities in isolation but will help the sport as a whole work towards common positive outcomes.

  • Golf Australia provides clubs and facilities exclusive access to the Players 1st surveying tool. Players 1st are the world experts in customer experience measurement with a focus on golf specific businesses. Though their partnership with Golf Australis clubs can access the Australian benchmark data and insights to compare the experience they provided to peer-set golf clubs across Australia.

  • With alignment to the Strategy for Australian Golf, Golf Australia will have an increased interest in the successful implementation of your strategic plan. Your local Club and Facility Manager will schedule regular strategic catch ups to understand how your success is tracking and provide additional resources to assist in the achievement of your outcomes.

  • Where the potential of aligned strategic outcomes is high, Golf Australia will look to co-invest with the club on those outcomes as part of our affiliation partnership.

  • As more organisations align to the Strategy for Australian Golf, Golf Australia will look to identify partnership opportunities between aligned organisations. This is value that until now, has been unimaginable in Australian Golf, and will only be achieved through genuine strategic alignment.

GA Strategic Process

Due to the more intensive nature of the support offered through the strategic planning service from Golf Australia there are fees attached.

The strategic planning service for most clubs is $9,000 plus GST however this may vary depending on your specific circumstance.

Please contact your club & facility manager for more information.

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