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Sounds at Mannum Golf Club

by Australian Golf Media

Sounds at Mannum Golf Club

By Matisse Shields

The Mannum Golf Club, located in a regional country area of South Australia, replaced its tee times with set times when it hosted the 2023 Sounds By The River in the middle of their first fairway on January 21.  

Sounds by the River, presented by Regional Touring has been hosted in Mannum for the past 14 years .The golf club saved the festival from being held in metres of water as the Mary Ann Reserve was impacted by rising river levels. The likes of Paul Kelly & Missy Higgins were treated to a spectacular venue, with the fairways lined by large crowds. 

Dave Hartley the president of Mannum Golf Club said it was such an incredible event to host and it really brought the community together.

“The Mannum community has around 2600 people which grew to numbers upwards of 5000 gathering on our fairways, the atmosphere was incredible,” said Hartley.

“We had around 50 Volunteers, many of whom were in their 70’s, working to prepare the course, lay out sites and position campers. They all put in so much work, and by Monday the course was returned to its original condition.

“The Mannum Golf Club has hosted camping on the course for weekend visitors for many years, which has now become a major fundraiser for Mannum Golf Club. Through this fundraiser we now have the funds to buy necessary golf equipment and upgrade facilities.

“We also have received a few new members to the golf course. They had been interested in joining the golf club but going and seeing the course made them take the plunge to join.” 

Ashleigh Stratford, Clubs and Facilities Support Manager at Golf Australia said this is an amazing example of the local golf course joining forces with the local community.

“This had a lasting impact on not only the golf club but also small business in the local community, driving people to come to the town,” said Stratford.

“It's a great example of how clubs can be involved and use the space they have to not only benefit the club but also make a positive and lasting impact on the local community.”

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