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Queensland workshops hit the mark

by Golf Australia

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Steve Connelly leads a discussion at the Townsville workshop.

Golf Australia has completed a series of five workshops aimed at having a presence in more remote areas of Queensland, with some clubs making long trips to hear the latest information about the game in this country. The workshops in Toowoomba, Townsville, Cairns, Rockhampton and Bundaberg were provided through funding from the Queensland Government Sport and Recreation Active Industry Base Fund which provides an annual financial grant to Golf Australia to upskill clubs and provide resources to assist them.

The goal of the workshops was as follows:

• To share the strategy of Golf Australia and discuss the many ways the game and industry are changing.

Prompt discussion with clubs on what they are doing in their own space to diversify, grow revenue and become a community hub (however that may look for the individual club and the region they are located in).

Help clubs adopt their version of the strategy for Australian Golf, contribute to the purpose -- more Australians playing more golf -- and be a part of something bigger.

• A discussion on club governance, facilitated by CRP Group Director Steve Connelly, on the fundamentals of club management, helping boards and management understand their roles and the importance of them.

• An extensive workshop and discussion on customer engagement led by Mike Orloff of Golf Industry Central. Mike's workshop focused on understanding customer needs, review how an existing golf members perception differs from that of a person who is discovering and exploring the game. Representatives from Proserpine Golf Club completed a round trip of more than six hours to attend the Townsville workshop. Club secretary Peter Lewis said it was one of the best workshops he had attended, and that it helped give the golf club an edge.

“I got so much out of this workshop I am not sure where to start," he said.

"I remember doing a workshop with the Country Press Association when I was in the newspaper game, and they were emphatic that all business proprietors should walk across to the other side of the street and ask: ‘What would make me cross the street to buy something from that business?’

"I now ask: ‘What would make me return to this course for another game’?” Tim Mackrill, manager of Half Moon Bay Golf Club which hosted one of the workshops, said: “What resonated with me was for clubs to act positively while in a strong position rather than reacting to negative feedback. This process strengthens customer experiences while boosting staff, committee and volunteer satisfaction.” The workshops also allowed clubs to network with each other and share ideas.

Golf Australia will be looking to continually engage in the regions over the coming year with further visits and workshops to be scheduled plus other potential initiatives to expand the reach even further into more remote regions (through online webinars etc).

These recent workshops attracted clubs of all different sizes, from 16 members to more than 1000.

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