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Isuzu Queensland Open Jake Higginbottom

Entries are now closed. View a list of current professional & amateur entries here. Resources: - 2021 PGA Tour Hard Card


  • Pelican Waters GC, par 72 - Final leaderboard

    • 63: Brad Kivimets, 66: Sam Slater (a), 67: Chris Crabtree (a), Jordan O’Brien (a), Blaike Perkins (a), 68: Taylor Barr (a), Justin Morley (a), Travis Robbie (a), Conor Whitelock (a), Billy Dowling (a), Andrew Park (a), 69: Chris Somerfield (in playoff).

    • Alternates: Matias Sanchez (2) and Joshua Maddison (4)

  • Virginia GC, par 71 - Final leaderboard

    • 67: Alessandro Noseda, 68: Sam Howse (a), 69: Jack Munro, 70: Adam Blyth, James Douris, Ben Wharton, Nicklaus Rogers, Jamie Pitt (a), Guxin Chen (a), Kai Komulainen (a), 71: Will Florimo (a) (in playoff), Peter Martin (in playoff).

    • Alternates: Matthew Rodgers (1) and Matt McLean (3)

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