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The Metropolitan Golf club is levelling the playing field

by Australian Golf Media

The Metropolitan Golf Club

The Metropolitan Golf Club, a widely recognised club in Melbourne’s South East, is encouraging its members to compete in an innovative Sunday competition for the chance to win the ‘Metropolitan Medal’. 

The competition, which runs (generally) on the first Sunday of every month, offers members the opportunity to play from any available coloured tee of the day, as long as they continue playing from the same colour. This means that women can now participate in the medal event on the same terms as the men. 

Nick Sapet, Golf Operations Manager at The Metropolitan Golf Club said the Metropolitan Medal has helped advance the club's inclusivity and equality amongst members. 

“The competitors, both men and women, nominate each month, the coloured tee they will play off and the handicap system ensures that the scores are fair and balanced. Each competitor has an equal chance of winning the day,” said Sapet.

“Since its inception in January 2021, the competition has really grown in numbers and is continuing to grow.

“We have had a really great mix of female and male winners as well as young and older winners.

“Our members really love the inclusive nature of the event and feedback has been really positive. Each month we have roughly 180 participants play. 

“It's great to see not only men and women compete in the same competitions, but also seeing the members have the unique opportunity to play against their family members, partners and friends.

The Metropolitan medal prize changes each year and is embroidered with the month and year of the win. The prize is unique and cannot be bought by members, it has to be won through our Sunday competition.”

Tiffany Cherry, Golf Australia’s Head of Women and Girls Engagement said Golf, historically a male-dominated sport, has been on a huge journey. 

“There is so much opportunity for intentional and meaningful change in our industry, guided by the Australian Golf Strategy, to positively impact women and girls participation across the breadth of our sport,” said Cherry.

“Metropolitan Golf Club is setting a clear precedent for other golf clubs in the realm of gender inclusivity, leading to more widespread equality and equity in golf.

“The club is challenging stereotypes and is giving all its members the opportunity to showcase their golf skills in a fun and fair environment.

“The Metropolitan Medal is a clear example of the power of innovation and how we can all be a driver of change and progress in the golf world.”

Click the link to find out more https://www.metropolitangolf.com.au/cms/ 

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