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Engaging your members and the local community in golf participation programs is a great way to retain the enthusiasm of existing members and to attract new members to your club.

Golf Australia has a number of programs designed to increase participation in golf that can be adopted at your club.   In addition to the national programs, a number of states and territories run their own participation programs and activities so check their web sites for details.

MyGolf, Australia’s junior introductory program, is jointly supported by Golf Australia and the PGA of Australia.

Designed for 5-12 year old's, the aim of the program is to increase participation in golf through fun and engaging games-based activities throughout programs and lessons across the country, promoting the game’s social and fun aspects to the wider community.

With flexible options throughout the year across the term, come and try's and school holidays, MyGolf is promoting a fun way to learn about golf and increasing kids’ participation and engagement in golf in a fun, social and accessible way.

Further information for parents and program deliverers is available on the MyGolf website, where you can also find a program near you. As a club or facility, you can register to the MyGolf program and use the system completely free of charge. Click here to register.

You can also contact Golf Australia on 03 9626 5000 or for further information.

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The role of the coach is vital to the future of the game and the development of golfers of any age and ability. Many clubs rely on volunteer Community Instructors to perform this role, as many clubs in Australia are not serviced by a PGA Member. The Community Instructor program provides online training and accreditation, equipping candidates with the skills and knowledge to deliver all Golf Australia National Programs. For more information and details on the Community Instructor Program, click here.

Vision 2025: The future of women and girls in golf

The vision sets out how golf in Australia can become a sport where women and girls are; inspired to participate, welcomed, nurtured and developed to achieve their goals.

  1. Culture and Leadership - more women on boards and in senior positions in clubs

  2. Grassroots: Friendlier introductions to golf with more emphasis on fun and family

  3. High performance and coaching: more female coaches

  4. Marketing and positioning: Changing the way our sport is perceived

Guidelines: Equal opportunity for women and girls in golf (2019)

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Play by the Rules can help you get up and running with some basic policies and guidelines your club should have.  An important first step is to have a Member Protection Policy.  The Member Protection policy outlines how your club meets its obligations to provide a safe environment and to maintain responsible behaviour and fair decision-making.  Some of the policies rely on the Member Protection Policy to enforce compliance.

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Golf is a sport that offers a range of inclusive options for deaf or hearing-impaired golfers, blind or vision-impaired golfers, amputee golfers and golfers with intellectual disabilities. A variety of organisations exist at State / Territory and National levels to assist and support people with a disability who are looking to participate in golf.

For more information on each of the national disability organisations, click on the following listed organisations or contact Golf Australia on 03 9626 5050 or your State / Territory Golf Association.

The ASC's inclusion spectrum allows games and activities to be delivered in different ways, with more options. The aim is to encourage higher quality participation by people with disability, both with or away from their able-bodied peers. Clubs can provide a range of options by adapting and modifying their course and practice facilities in different environments.

Examples of golf in the Inclusion Spectrum:

  • No modifications: A seated golfer or golfer with an intellectual disability may practice and compete with able bodied golfers or golfers without or intellectual disability based on golf handicap

  • Minor modifications: A vision impaired golfer using a personal guide to participate or compete or a course set-up to suit impaired golfers such as shorter holes, large holes, or modified rules

  • Major modifications: An impaired golfer under separate rules and using modified equipment to participate

  • Primarily for people with disability: Golfers with disability and their able bodied peers combine to form teams to compete

  • Only for people with disability: Players participating in a competition exclusively for people with same/similar disability

  • Non-playing role: People with disability can be officials, coaches, club presidents, volunteers and spectators.

Golf is a sport for all ages and abilities. Golf clubs are encouraged to increase participation by all people by making efforts to be inclusive environments using the Inclusion Spectrum as a useful guide.

See also the 7 Pillars of Inclusion:

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