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Nudgee adopts Turrbal language for new layout

by Australian Golf Media

Nudgee adopts Turrbal language for new layout

The Nudgee Golf Club, located on the northside of Brisbane, has recently opened up their new layout, incorporating Indigenous names for their courses. They were officially unveiled during  a magnificent Welcome to Country and Smoking Ceremony conducted by Jahmarley Dawson. 

The first tee off on the courses was a representation of how golf is a game for all ages and abilities. The reigning Junior Girls and Junior Boys Champions (brother and sister duo Savannah and Archie Cunningham), reigning Senior Champion Diana Wilson and multiple Veterans Champion Glen Daniels were all chosen to tee off.

Darren Richards, General Manager at Nudgee Golf Club said years of hard work, planning and patience came together as the club formally opened their two new courses. 

“The opening marked the end of the resumption, redevelopment, and relaunch phases of our project,” said Richards.

“The name Nudgee is derived from ‘wild black duck’ in the Turrbal language. We engaged with the local Turrbal Tribe elders and invited them to visit the land. 

“Throughout the development we had labelled the courses east and west. When asked for her advice, the Turrbal elder drew a connection between the east and the west to sunrise and sunset explaining that “Bulka” and “Kurrai” mean sunset and sunrise in their language. 

“Once we heard the suggested names we stepped through a process to gain member endorsement for the courses to be known as ‘The Bulka’ and ‘The Kurrai’. The names represent a real connection for  us being so deeply meaningful to the Traditional Owners of the land. 

“We had 400 members playing on the opening day and during the smoking ceremony all the members present were silently captured by the significance of the ceremony. It was quite incredible, you could hear a pin drop. 

“Many of the members present  said that the opening of the courses and the smoking ceremony was up there with the best event that has ever taken place at the club.

“We are so proud that the members have so broadly embraced the history and heritage of the course. The club has grown in quality out of this, and as one of our new touchstone’s states, we are more than just two great courses.”

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Andrew Leventis, Manager of Clubs and Facilities in Queensland, said it's so encouraging and important to see local courses acknowledging Indigenous culture.

“Embracing the Traditional Owners of the land and remaining connected to the heritage of the course is really important and it's great to see the forward-thinking by the Nudgee Golf Club,” he said.

“We hope other golf courses can follow in the footsteps of the club and take a step in honouring the Traditional Owners on which the land of their courses lie. 

Nudgee adopts Turrbal language for new layout_Image2

“It is evident how much thought has gone into designing the courses and they are both in incredible condition. 

“The brand new courses have been designed to suit all ranges of abilities and continue to extend both the attractiveness and accessible nature of the Nudgee Golf Club.”

To find out more about the incredible courses or book into play visit https://www.nudgeegolf.com.au/cms/

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