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North Haven opens its arms

by Golf Australia

North Haven Golf Club women image
North Haven's women celebrate the changes made at the club.

North Haven Golf Club in Adelaide has transformed its club from being perceived as male-dominated and uninviting into a welcoming, family and community-focused golf club. Greg Birch, the president of the North Haven Golf Club at Outer Harbour in north-western Adelaide, said it had looked to change this earlier reputation. “The club did not have a very inviting atmosphere for new members, especially women and girls," he said. "The club knew that to attract new members we needed to foster a tight-knit and positive community within the golf club where everybody -- men, women and juniors -- would feel welcome to join." North Haven was hosting women's clinics but found that it was not transitioning women who attended the clinics into members. So they started a nine-hole competition for women which proved successful. Birch said many women enjoyed the new competition and now hold a lunch after the round with guest speakers each month. “The next challenge for the club was to integrate men and women together into the club," he said. "We created a mixed competition, where the men and women play against one another for the same prize. We have received really great feedback on the competition from our members. “The committee also appointed a female captain who has now joined as a member of the committee. Soon after, at our AGM, we will officially announce, we have three women sitting on the committee. “We want to change the balance of the committee and ensure that we give the women a voice in the strategic direction of the club. North Haven currently has three women out of eight members of the committee and we are really working towards getting it to be an even representation. “Everything we have been doing, from the women and mixed competitions to the new committee members, has been breaking down the barriers creating a really social and welcoming community, where our members have multiple avenues to get out and play together.” Sarah Beesley, Golf Australia's State Manager said it was outstanding to see golf clubs investing in women’s golf and creating more opportunities for women and girls. “Golf is historically known as a male-dominated sport," said Beesley. "However we are now in such an exciting space in golf, with clubs having the ability to provide more opportunity for women to be involved, not only on the course but off course in coaching, greens keeping and on boards. “It is important for clubs to provide meaningful change in their club, to positively impact women and girls and grow participation across the sport. “The North Haven Golf Club is helping to set the standard for gender inclusivity in golf clubs. It's important that the club take the initiative and lead the cause for the women who had no pathways into the club, allowing for more widespread equality and equity in golf and at the golf club.” For more information please visit https://northhavengc.com.au/

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