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Mini golf makes major impact as SHANX opens at Melbourne Cable Park

by Andrew Young

Shanx X Melbourne Cable Park

Golf is taking another major step into the entertainment industry using its smallest format to do so, as the latest SHANX Mini Golf facility opens at Melbourne Cable Park, in the state’s inner-Southeast.  

Designed and constructed by the in-house team at SHANX Mini Golf, this mini golf course sets a new benchmark for modern, entertainment focused facilities globally. 

“This is really about how non-golfing facilities are seeing the opportunity to invest in golf,” says Managing Director at SHANX Mini Golf, Peter Vlahandreas. “Melbourne Cable Park is an entertainment venue. That is the focus and now they will be attracting non-golfers to the game. 

“The commerciality of the investment in the game is so strong, that people outside it are looking into golf for revenue generation.” 

Melbourne Cable Park – the city’s premier watersport and entertainment facility – already boasts wakeboarding, high-ropes and an aqua-park, and will now play host to the fourth SHANX Mini Golf venue in Australia. 

Set to offer players 18 holes, with dual pin options for a 36-hole experience, the course also has a 3-hole challenge at its conclusion, meaning there is bound to be a twist in the tail of every round. 

Carefully considered in its design too, all vegetation throughout the course is 100% indigenous and aligned to the EVC’s and Bio-Region as well as the City of Greater Dandenong’s Bio-diversity Plan. 

Delighted with the final product, Vlahandreas believes it sets a new benchmark for mini golf.  

“This course sets a new standard for us at SHANX,” he says. “We set out to create our best course yet; a course that not only looks amazing but is also super fun for players of all ages and abilities.” 

Proud to have worked with such a willing and engaged client, he can’t speak highly enough of Melbourne Cable Park. 

“They came to us and knew everything about mini golf; from square meterage to the market and builders. There was a real understanding there. 

“It was a great start to the process because from the outset there is an informed customer who knows how to maximise non-traditional golf amenities.” 

From there, SHANX and Melbourne Cable Park have gone from strength to strength. 

“It has been amazing,” Peter smiles. They have let us do our job, be ultra creative and because there was that trust, we were able to put together a better product,” he reflects. “It is the perfect example of how we like to work; developing a strong relationship with the client.” 

That sentiment is shared by Ian Clark, Managing Director – Melbourne Cable Park.  

“SHANX was the perfect addition to our Park," he says. “After a worldwide search for the right partner, SHANX stood head and shoulders above other players in this space. From the custom course design to the professional delivery from Peter and his team, we could not be happier. 

“Most importantly, the customer feedback and enquiry has exceeded our wildest expectations.  We are humbled to be bringing Mini Golf – but not as you know it – to Melbourne and most importantly introducing golf to so many players for the first time.” 

In addition to the quality of the course, Vlahandreas thinks that Melbourne Cable Park is paving the way for entertainment venues and golf clubs alike to maximise their space. 

“The team at Melbourne Cable Park have taken every square inch of the property and put a business case to it,” he explains. “It is something that we in the golf industry need to keep thinking about; options in golf that offer a return on investment with a long ‘useful life’ as well. 

“There is no doubt that mini golf, when done well, can achieve this.” 

Shanx at Melbourne Cable Park, which saw its first putt holed in mid-February, is now open to the public 7-days a week including Twilight session on Weeknights.  For more information head towww.melbournecablepark.com 

For more information on Shanx Mini Golf, click HERE 

For more information on Melbourne Cable Park, click HERE 

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