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Malverndale celebrates 80-year milestone

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Malverndale Ladies Golf Club image
Malverndale members celebrate at Malvern Valley recently.

By Alexander Dabb

A Victorian all-women’s golf club has celebrated its 80th anniversary.

Playing at Malvern Valley golf course in East Malvern every Thursday morning, Malverndale Golf Club, formed in 1942, commemorated the milestone with a luncheon, which club president Ruth Appleton was delighted to be a part of.

“It was fantastic… it’s a lovely friendly club and we’ve been going for 80 years – it’s very successful,” Appleton said.

“We’ve been with VGL (Victorian Golf League) for a very long time, since 1952. I think 80 is pretty good for a club to be going.”

The club also celebrated its members by inducting its sixth life member at the ceremony, Helen Schiller.

“It’s a big honour, it’s the highest honour at any club to become a life member,” said Appleton. “They’re special ladies because they’ve done a lot for the club.”

Malverndale was formed in 1942 and joined the VLGA in 1952. In 1984 construction of the South Eastern (now Monash) Freeway forced the club out of its venue, and play moved to nearby Oakleigh golf links until 1987 when MLGC returned to Malvern Valley.

Despite the age of the members - “We’re not young!” – the club enjoys a strong turn-out each week. “We have around 75 girls on the books, and we get around 40 playing every Thursday minimum.

“It keeps you fit and healthy doesn’t it! You’re enjoying a walk and you’re on top of the ground! It’s physically good for you.”

Aside from golf, Malverndale provides a strong sense of social inclusion to many of its members.

“A lot of ladies play either Monday or Tuesday socially and have a coffee after and form friendships, our pennant team just finished their season and we are going out for dinner tomorrow night.”

Malverndale continues to attract new faces to the club, mirroring the rise in golf participation across Australia.

“We’ve always got new ladies joining all the time, we’ve just had three new ladies join us this year”, said Appleton. “New members are of course very welcome.”

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