27 Mar 2024 | Women and girls |

Girls discover golf at Oakbank

by Golf Australia

Oakbank girls image
Putting is fun for the girls at Oakbank Golf Club

As we reach the end of Golf Australia’s Women and Girls Month there are numerous success stories coming through from around the country, including this one from South Australia.

Oakbank Golf Club east of Adelaide invited year 9 students from a nearby school, Heathfield High School, to participate in a morning of golf activities.

This became part of the students’ Life Skills for Girls program.

The day was hugely popular with the students.

Said a spokesperson for the school: “Any activity that presents as a new experience is great for building resilience in young people. Golf is great because most girls had limited prior experience and therefore had no idea what to expect.

“This can create a level of anxiety but walking away having had such a positive experience gives them confidence to try new things again in the future. The supportive environment created through the program enable every student to embrace the challenges offered to them and most surprised themselves with their level of success.”

One student who took part in the day commented afterward that golf would provide a better opportunity for her to connect with her father, who is an avid player.

Six women members of Oakbank gave their skills, expertise and knowledge to help the girls on the day along with a Community Instructor.

It is hoped from this experience the club can offer similar programs to other neighboring schools, with the hope to increase awareness of the golf club in the area and possibly grow their participation by women and girls.


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