11 Apr 2023 | Industry news |

GA joins Gardiners Creek alliance

by Australian Golf Media

Gardiners Creek alliance image
Members of the new Gardiners Creek alliance celebrate.

Key stakeholders from Golf Australia have celebrated the launch and their involvement in the Gardiners Creek (KooyongKoot) Regional Collaboration. As one of the 16 diverse member organisations involved in the initiative, Golf Australia will play a strategic role in supporting the new alliance which aims to protect and improve the cultural, amenity and environmental value of the Gardiners Creek catchment, which runs through both Malvern Valley and Box Hill Golf courses in south-eastern Melbourne. Gardiners Creek (KooyongKoot) is an urban waterway originating near Blackburn and flowing through Burwood and Malvern East before following the Monash Freeway to the Yarra River (Birrarung). It plays an important role in providing open space, including the two golf courses, along with active and passive recreational opportunities. Golf Australia’s Victorian State Manager David Stein shared how thrilled the organisation was to be able to support the important strategic alignment and stakeholder collaboration. “The Gardiners Creek catchment covers 112 square kilometres and runs through two golf courses, Malvern Valley GC and Box Hill GC,” Stein said. “Our courses contribute to the health of the catchment and the people that use it for generations to come. “The planned projects will be beneficial to both the golf courses and other sporting facilities along the catchment. “We look forward to our ongoing involvement in protecting and enhancing the catchment as well as working with our two golf clubs to support the collaboration.” Graham Ross, from the KooyongKoot Alliance, noted that Gardiners Creek and its tributaries were a key piece of green infrastructure to share not just amongst the community, but with the flora and fauna that relies on it. “It deserves our serious and immediate attention and a diverse group of organisations working together to heal the KooyongKoot,” said Ross. “That’s what this collaboration is all about.” Ross said. In conjunction with the launch, a Prospectus for the Collaboration was released identifying broad-based strategic plans for the catchment, a cultural values study and program with Traditional Owners and a data strategy, to collect baseline health data (biodiversity, water quality etc).

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