19 Nov 2021 | Industry news |

GA Handicap App hits 150,000 downloads

by Golf Australia

The GA Handicap App allows users to track their own handicap records and that of their friends, family and colleagues.

The GA Handicap App has reached its latest milestone this week by hitting the 150,000 download landmark.

The App, which launched in April this year, was immediately welcomed by the golf community - it soared to number one in the sports category of the App Store’s download charts, and number three overall - and this week’s milestone has revealed that interest is continuing to grow.

“It’s been a tremendous response from the golfing public to something that we always felt would be popular,” said John Sutherland, Golf Australia’s General Manager Digital.

One of the key drivers of the App’s popularity has been the added social element it has created amongst friends, families and colleagues.

In addition to accessing their own handicap record and the daily handicap calculator, users can view and share via text message, WhatsApp, Facebook and other platforms the handicaps and scores of other golfers.

Users can also categorise others into groups and subgroups and receive notifications anytime someone in those lists has a new score processed to their GOLF Link record.

Similar digital features that enhance their overall golfing experience will become available to golfers in the future as Golf Australia continues to expand its digital footprint.

“It’s just the start of a pipeline of work in the digital space that we’ll be rolling out with the PGA of Australia over the next few years for the benefit of golfers, fans, Pros, clubs and facilities,” said Sutherland.

“But it’s gratifying to know that people like the app and they’re using it in these kinds of numbers and we’ve got ideas about what we can do with it further down the track.”

 Download now via the App Store and Google Play, or find out more about the App here.

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