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Fun the name of the game at Noosa Hills Par-3

by Jimmy Emanuel

Noosa Hills mini golf

The start of a pandemic might sound like a less than ideal time to get into the golf business, yet the chance to breathe new life into a facility has seen the new owners of Noosa Hills Par-3 Golf Course thrive on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

Taking over from the widow of the previous owner, CEO Noel Brennan and co. took an approach of making small improvements to the 36-hole par-3 facility that now also boasts a new mini golf course built by Mini Golf Creations.

“Noosa Hills was built by a guy called Keith Hill and is about 30 years old … We purchased the facility in January 2020. We felt there was an immediate need to reinvest back into the course. Bring it back to its condition,” Brennan said.

“It’s still an ongoing process. We are really lucky to have the team that we’ve got. Our superintendent Russel Milner, leads the charge. Every day we are trying to get better and better.”

Getting better started with a refurb of the clubhouse and then a focus on the golf course and other facilities, with the local community embracing the facility.

The Noosa Hills membership has grown from around 200 at the time of handover to now in excess of 600.

The growth and development is in part due to the progress made with upgrading the facility, but also led by an approach to golf that has sometimes been lacking in the past.

“Our goal is to be a facility which is warm and welcoming, and get people golfing. We try to sort of take away any obstacles or barriers that can get in the way,” Brennan said.

“We’ve got a ‘no collar, no worries’, or no dress code. We just want to see people out there having fun and enjoying the great game of golf.”

Enjoying the game has become easier and more accessible at Noosa Hills, with the new mini golf offering the chance for a start in the game for children and others just wanting to have some fun.

Led by General Manager Scott Armstrong, Noosa Hills recently installed larger than normal holes on the putting greens on nine of its 36 holes.

“We always had nine holes that we said was our ‘Family nine’, little bit easier, no water, only a couple of bunkers. Scott said, ‘Let’s put in the big holes and really sort of go after that market’.

"It’s gone really well, now we are seeing people saying they want to play the big holes more regularly.”

Offering free women’s clinics, Noosa Hills membership do partake in competition golf, however the overall vibe of the facility, located six minutes’ drive from Noosaville and another 10 minutes from Noosa Heads Main Beach, is about fun and getting into golf with no bookings required.

A plan for ongoing improvements as well as being a cradle to grave facility, are all key components of the Noosa Hills Par-3 Golf Course story moving forward.

“We have a motto of one percent improvement every week. After a year you are 50 per cent better than what you were.

“We are just trying to creatively think about how we can get people enjoying golf. That’s the main game. It’s a great sport.”

Club website - https://noosahillsgolf.com.au/

Noosa Hills

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