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Golf Foundations support Golf Australia's vision to grow golf, by investing in targeted initiatives to inspire all Australians to enjoy and play the game of golf.

Fundraising Partner

The Australian Golf Foundation is the national foundation for Golf in Australia. 

The Australian Golf Foundation supports Golf Australia's vision to grow golf by investing in targeted initiatives to inspire all Australians to enjoy and play the game of golf.

Our purpose is to provide financial and non-financial support for programs, activities and events, that encourage participation and promote Golf as ‘a game for life’.

Funds raised are invested back into the game of golf through the following five streams: 

  • Community Diversity and Inclusion

  • Vision 2025: The future of women and girls in golf

  • High Performance

  • Facilities of Excellence

  • Grants and Legacy programs

For more information please contact Cameron Wade on 03 9626 5004 or email cameron.wade@golf.org.au

Visit the Australian Golf Foundation website for more information

VIC golf foundation

The Victorian Golf Foundation makes grants from its Trust Fund to assist individuals, projects, programs and services which benefit golf. 

Whether you are male or female, young or old, experienced or novice, a private or public course player, low or high handicapper – the Victorian Golf Foundation is working for you.

Applications for grants must be lodged and recommended via Golf Australia - Victoria.


The capital in the Victorian Golf Foundation Trust Fund is protected and cannot be spent. Grants can only be made from the annual investment earnings of the Fund. In this way, the VGF will serve Victorian golf forever.

Affiliated clubs and District Associations are eligible to apply for grants in the areas listed in the application guidelines. 

In some instances the VGF will consider support to individuals and unaffiliated organisations.

Grant Application Guidelines and Forms can be found below:


Donations to the Victorian Golf Foundation are tax deductible through our fundraising partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation.

Click here to make an online donation.

NSW Golf Foundation_logo

The New South Wales Golf Foundation is the charitable body which administers and manages grants throughout the NSW golf community. 

The Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Golf NSW and an independent entity with a Board of Governors. It’s charter is to build and develop the sport in the State for all who play the game to ensure its strong future. It’s motto: “Driving golf forward in NSW.”

Golf is an institution that enjoys membership numbers and social engagement on a scale that’s barely matched by any other sport in our State. At times however, some of our members face challenges in keeping a community association or maintaining participation levels for reasons beyond their control.

Since the Foundation was established in 2001, it has provided financial support to numerous worthy causes across the golfing community of NSW.

The Foundation considers applications for financial assistance throughout the year from clubs and supporting organisations who can demonstrate hardships of the kind outlined in the application or who are growing and developing golf in NSW.

Grants that are awarded go towards projects, programs and services which benefit both golf and the community.

The NSW Golf Foundation is registered with the Australian Sports Foundation (ASF). Pursuant to the ASF listing in the Income Tax Assessment (1997) (Division 30, Sect 20-90), donations of $2.00 AUD or more to the Foundation are Tax Deductible.

Donors must contribute unconditionally to the ASF to claim a tax deduction, however the ASF’s structure makes it possible for you to indicate an approved projects as the preferred beneficiary of your gift, which in this case is the NSW Golf Foundation.

For more information please go to the NSW Golf Foundation page.

WA Golf Foundation_logo

Together, we are paving the way for the future of our great game.

Everything we are able to do as a foundation comes as a result of your on-going support.

We provide support and funding to organisations, Professional Golf Association (PGA) pros, coaches and other associated parties to facilitate the creation of life-enriching golf programs.

We’re an inclusive foundation committed to introducing more and more people to the game. The programs we support stretch across city-based and regional locations, spanning all demographics and physical abilities with key focuses in golf participation, talent identification and growing our community.

Without your donations, we simply would not be able to do what we do.

Through both the Will you chip in? program, which is supported by most Metropolitan golf clubs, and the generosity of your additional donations, The WA Golf Foundation is able to fund a large number of inclusive and community-driven programs around our state, be them city-based, regional or remote.

Individual donations pledged through this page go to the Australian Sports Foundation nominating the WA Golf Foundation as the preferred beneficiary. In this way, all donations above $2 (not including the Will you chip in? program) are tax-deductible.

As WAGF is a not-for-profit organisation, your donations are injected straight back into the game via our funding initiatives.

As a foundation, our commitment is to grow the game of golf at all levels and for all demographics. With your indispensable support as donors and as beneficiaries of our funding programs, we can grow this great game together.

For more information, visit the WA Golf Foundation website.


Golf Australia works with charity partners as part of our national social responsibility to address relevant social issues and drive awareness, recognising the importance of playing an active role within our community.

Each year we receive hundreds of requests for golfing merchandise, tickets, promotional giveaways and special experiences, and while we aim to provide support where possible, we cannot fulfil every request. Golf Australia does not provide monetary donations. For further information, please email info@golf.org.au

Cancel Council partnership for The Longest Day

Golf Australia is excited to announce a major charity partnership with Cancer Council for The Longest Day, a brilliant initiative which raised $3.1 million for cancer research in 2020.

The Longest Day is an endurance golf marathon designed to test skill, strength, and stamina. The challenge is to complete up to four rounds of golf from dawn to dusk and raise funds for Cancer Council’s research, prevention, and support services. More information here.

Longest Day with logo_image

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