26 Jun 2020 | Golf Australia |

Financial support arrives for Tasmanian clubs

by Golf Australia

Devenport Golf Club

Golf Australia and the Golf Tasmania board are pleased to announce that $75,000 of Covid-19 relief funding for the sport will be distributed around the state. On April 9, the Tasmanian Government opened applications for Tranche 1 of its Covid-19 Sport and Recreation Grants program to the state’s sporting associations, primarily to focus on retention of paid staff consistent with the Tasmanian Government’s intention to keep Tasmanians in work. While many state sporting organisations made the decision to retain these funds to assist in payment for employed staff, Golf Australia and the Golf Tasmania board made the decision that, rather than retaining all eligible funds, it was important to support clubs and facilities across Tasmania through the pandemic and work with eligible clubs/facilities to distribute funds equitably based on staffing levels. Golf Australia interim chief executive Robert Armour was delighted with the outcome. “Supporting our clubs and facilities is our number one priority and we are thrilled to be able to assist Tasmanian clubs in this way,” he said. “Covid-19 has been an incredibly challenging time for our industry – and society as a whole – and we hope that this financial support will ease the burden on clubs and facilities to ensure they can continue to provide benefits to the Tasmanian community long into the future. Together with the Golf Tasmania Board, we would like to extend our gratitude to the Tasmanian Government for their support of the industry through this difficult period.” Golf Tasmania chair Georgette Chilcott was pleased on behalf of Tasmanian golf clubs and facilities. “All clubs that applied received funding and we hope it will help them navigate through this difficult period,” she said. “Our priority is to support our clubs in any way possible; we also hope members will continue to enjoy and play as much golf as they can over the coming months to ensure clubs remain an integral part of the community.” All clubs/facilities across Tasmania with paid staff were invited to apply. The distribution of funds clubs/facilities has been as follows: Club/Facility, Amount Bicheno, $2,104.21 Deloraine, $1,402.80 Devonport, $9,337.03 Launceston, $10,470.77 Mowbray, $3,604.43 New Town Bay, $7,095.27 Riverside, $6,548.37 Royal Hobart, $23,076.14 Seabrook, $570.28 St Helens, $2,571.81 Tea Tree, $1,584.58 Golf Australia - Tasmania, $6,634.31 Total, $75,000

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