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Note: the term GA also includes Golf NSW and Golf WA

1. What events do these FAQs refer to? Golf Australia (GA) conducts and sanctions (via the GA national and state Orders of Merit (OOM)) various events. These FAQs refer to:

Note: various state OOM events are not owned by GA, therefore decisions and Terms regarding these events will be determined in conjunction with the competition committee. 2. What COVID-19 measures are in place for GA events and OOM events? Events will adhere to government requirements in the respective state/territory. These may include requirements such as vaccination, check-in, physical distancing, etc. These requirements may change from time to time as state government requirements evolve. Note: requirements may change on short notice. GA reminds players that if they are unwell, please stay at home. Additionally, if players are in an at-risk category, consider whether contesting an event is necessary. The ultimate playing of each event will be considered on a case-by-case basis depending on COVID-19-related circumstances leading up to and at the time of the event. 3. What is the COVID-19 vaccination policy at GA events? GA is guided by the federal and state government health advice with respect to COVID-19 vaccinations. Vaccination may be a requirement for entry into GA events depending on the event location and state regulations.

At this time, players are NOT required to be vaccinated to participate in GA events, however GA strongly encourages participants to be vaccinated.

Please be advised that individual host clubs may have their own policy around players, caddies and supporters attending their facility being fully vaccinated. The host club policy overrides the GA policy.

Participants should check the player information specific to the individual event they are contesting.

4. What is GA’s refund policy? Players should check each event’s Terms of competition, however in general, for GA events a player is entitled to a full refund up until five (5) days prior to the first day of the competition. Refunds within five days will only be considered due to medical, border closure or other extenuating circumstances as determined by GA. For national OOM events not owned by GA (e.g. Riversdale Cup, Avondale Amateur, etc), players should check the Terms of competition. 5. Whilst at an event I develop COVID-like symptoms. What should I do? At all times, the health and safety of players and other event and host club personnel is GA’s main priority. Players must advise GA or the tournament organiser as soon as possible if they are feeling unwell. Depending on the advice from the relevant government authority and GA or the tournament organiser, the player may need to withdraw from the event. 6. The Terms of competition state that GA or the event organiser can withdraw a player from an event at any time for COVID-19 related circumstances. What exactly does this mean? At all times, the health and safety of players and other event and host club personnel is GA’s main priority. A player may be withdrawn from the event if for example, on the advice of the relevant government authority, a player must isolate because their playing partner had COVID-19-like symptoms. 7. What happens if there is a COVID outbreak at an event? GA or the event organiser will work with the relevant authorities to determine the safest action. Depending on the timing and severity of the outbreak, it may be that the event is cancelled, shortened, or a group of players are required to withdraw from the event. 8. What happens if circumstances change at an event and players incur costs in returning home (for example a player cannot return to their home state or requires hotel or other quarantine on arrival back to their home state because of COVID-19 requirements). Will GA cover any costs? No. GA takes no responsibility should a player be impacted by border closures or other circumstances because of COVID-19 (for clarification, if for example, a player cannot return to their home state, or hotel or other quarantine on arrival is required, this is at the player’s expense).

For further queries on the above, please contact golfoperations@golf.org.au

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