08 Dec 2020 | Industry news |

Enhancements to GA's digital handicapping service

by Golf Australia

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Golf Australia is excited to provide an update on two significant enhancements to our digital handicapping service.

With members and administrators engaged throughout the development process, we know these initiatives will be popular in clubs right across Australia.

The first item is a group handicap look-up feature which is now available for use on the handicapping page of the Golf Australia website. This new feature enables members and administrators to store up to 100 GOLF Link numbers in their profile and to view the GA Handicaps of everyone in their list simultaneously.

The second item is the Golf Australia Handicap app. The new app will soon be exposed to members at a group of clubs as the testing phase is expanded. Golf Australia is looking forward to seeing the feedback; we believe this is imperative to providing a service that aligns with the expectations of clubs and golfers.

This phase will run for a couple of months to make sure everyone has a chance to have their say. We will refine the product based on what we hear from the users and release the app to all Australian golfers for free download in the second quarter of 2021.

These two enhancements will be enjoyed by golfers, but they are only a small part of where we need to go.

More broadly, we are continuing to explore new opportunities to improve the digital service we are providing in ways that will help us to sustain clubs and facilities right around Australia.

We look forward to using technology advances to improve our service levels in all areas of the Australian golfing landscape.

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