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Dynamic duo rapidly getting women into golf

by Golf Australia

Kim Morris and Lynley Eadie with the Shepparton beginner women.

Our June Visionary of the Year winner has been chosen…

Congratulations to the team at Shepparton Golf Club for developing an action plan and implementing it to create pathways to connect new women with the club.

They have won a $500 Drummond Golf voucher and are now in the running to win up to $10,000 worth of products from the latest Callaway REVA product range, designed specifically for women. Our overall Visionary of the Year will be voted upon and announced towards the end of the year.

We heard from Kim Morris and Lynley Eadie who were the key drivers of the program about how they developed and implemented it, and their amazing teamwork.

Here’s the story…

Golf has a new dynamic duo.

Shepparton Golf Club members Kim Morris and Lynley Eadie are bringing women to the game in droves.

They have done it in rapid time too.

In December, the pair attracted 56 new women to three weeks of Get Into Golf (FUNdamental clinics) that they developed and facilitated.

Now 32 of those women are Shepparton members.

“I look back and think ‘how did we pull that together in such a short time?’” Eadie said.

It came together quickly because the strong foundations were set.

Shepparton participated in Golf Australia’s Even Par program in 2019 and developed an action plan which included actions around creating pathways to connect new women with the club.

The club’s approach to Even Par was a success and it resulted in them being invited to work with the Greater Shepparton City Council to utilise funding to run sessions under “This Girl Can” - a Vic Health initiative inspiring women to get more active.

It was the perfect opportunity for Morris and Eadie to take the reins.

Eadie was involved in the Even Par program and is the club’s Vision 2025 representative, while Morris is on the women’s committee.

“I kind of appointed myself to look after the beginners,” Morris said with a laugh.

With no negotiation necessary, she quickly got to work.

A beginner’s pathway was mapped out with the aim to gradually transition women golfers from beginners to playing golfers, socially or competitively.

Clinic plans and the club’s mentor program were also developed.

But a communicator was needed to bring the work to life and Eadie shined in the role.

As the enquiries came in, “I’d ring back and say ‘here is what’s happening’,” Eadie said.

Personal contact has been key throughout each of the programs.

Eadie is always checking in with the beginners, asking “how are you going? Is there anything we can do to help you?”

These phone calls and seeing Morris and Eadie’s familiar faces around the club has made the beginners feel welcomed and comfortable.

“Golf is hard to learn, we are not golf pro’s, but we wanted to showcase the social side and introduce golf in a non-judgmental way,” Morris said.

They wanted to create a program with a holistic approach that anyone could run and there has been no shortage of help.

The club initially went through a transition period with club professionals so the members stepped up.

25 female club members support the Get Into Golf program, 5 members are community instructors and others have taken up mentoring roles.

Since commencing the role, club professional Russell Kelly works with Morris and Eadie on the mentor program - which involves members taking the beginners out on course and helping them get their handicap.

Meanwhile, general manager Russ Powell engaged beginners by offering them free social membership and a $25 credit for the bistro.

The whole-club approach means that the program will continue to thrive even if Morris and Eadie cannot run it.

Although, there are no plans for the duo to relinquish the reins anytime soon.

They are enjoying themselves far too much.

“We love our golf and we take great satisfaction when we see our beginners out on the course,” they said.

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