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FAQ's What is the project and what changes are happening? Golf Australia is replacing the software provider behind the GOLF Link system that powers Australia's handicapping service. DotGolf will replace MSL as the provider in 2024. Who is DotGolf? DotGolf is a New Zealand software company specialising in technology solutions for golf clubs, facilities and organisations. DotGolf is a subsidiary of Golf NZ, the New Zealand equivalent of Golf Australia. Our club uses the GOLF Link Tier 1 system to manage process competition scores, what does this mean for us? You will receive new software to carry out these functions in 2024, with the old software being decommissioned shortly after. The new software will maintain all existing functionality and provide new benefits to clubs and members. Full training on the new software will be provided to club administrators and members where required

Our club uses a 3rd party software solution (e.g., MiClub, MSL, Golf Genius and others), what does this mean for us? Golf Australia anticipates that there will be minimal change to your day-to-day experience with your 3rd party software. There will be some input required by club administrators to assist in the transition to the DotGolf software, and this will be communicated to you with plenty of notice. What is the timeline for the rollout of the new software? We anticipate rollout in 2024. More specific timelines will be released as we approach 2024. What training will be provided to club officials to aid in the rollout? A comprehensive suite of training resources will be delivered to all clubs. This will include videos, written detailed guides, quick reference guides and interactive sessions such as webinars and other online sessions. A new helpdesk service will also be rolled out to assist with any issues that require time-sensitive assistance. What fees will be payable to use the new software? There will be no fees payable to access the platform and access services currently provided through the Tier 1 software. As new services are added to the software there may be fees applicable, should your club wish to access them. Will I keep my same GOLF Link number? Yes. What are the systems requirements? It is recommended that a laptop or pc is used to access the software for ease of use. Any device that can access the internet through a common internet browser will be able to run the DotGolf software. Are there any changes to the calculations within the handicapping system? No changes are being made to the calculations for the GA or daily handicap. I have more questions, who can I contact?

Matt Chesterman, Head of Clubs and Facilities, clubsupport@golf.org.au. Please include a phone number in your email so you can be contacted.

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