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GOLF Link Retirement Details Registration

by Golf Australia

Re: Retirement of GOLF Link and transition to new digital platform. Golf Australia requires confirmation of your club’s important contacts and email addresses.

You are receiving this email as your club has not yet registered to receive updates on this project. If this is not relevant to you, please forward to someone at your club for who it is relevant. If you no longer have any attachment to the club, please notify me by return email.

N.B. Several clubs have provided feedback to us that they thought this was a scam email. It is NOT a scam.

Earlier in the year, Golf Australia announced that we are retiring our existing GOLF Link platform. We are moving to a new provider which will impact every golf club and facility around Australia.

To facilitate the transition, we are asking for the contact details of people who are interested in information about the project given the role they perform at your club or facility.

At volunteer clubs, this could be people who administer membership matters, or process competition scores for handicapping. At larger clubs we would suggest GM’s, Directors of Golf, Golf Operations Managers, and lead PGA Members.

If your club does not register details via this link your club/facility and your members will not have access to the new handicapping platform once GOLF Link is retired.

Please register up to 3 contacts via the link below.


If you have any questions regarding this collection, please contact me on the details below. Any other questions will be answered in the subsequent communications we provide. The date this transition will occur is yet to be confirmed and will be communicated in due course via the contacts you provide.

Kind regards,

Matt Chesterman Head of Clubs and Facilities Golf Australia matt.chesterman@golf.org.au

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