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Returning Day says he was 'angry' while sidelined

by Martin Blake

Jason Day Torrey image
Jason Day struggled through 2019. Photo: Getty

Jason Day has shared his frustrations about missing the Australian Open and the Presidents Cup as he prepares to make his comeback to tournament play at Torrey Pines in California this week.

“Every time I would watch the Presidents Cup coverage, I was angry,” Day told reporters today ahead of the Farmers Insurance Open.

“I had to go up to the barn to kind of either ride or do some sort of exercise to get some frustration out because I really wanted to be there.

“But the rehab that I needed to do, I needed some time off. Unfortunately, my back went out four or five times last year and I just couldn't quite -- I wasn't hanging on. So it was nice to be able to take that time off and get ready for this season.”

Day has not played in eight weeks because of his back injury, which is recurring and potentially a threat to his career. Recently he returned the practice tee on a 50-ball limit and 30 minutes of putting is all he is allowed to do, and he admits he was in “a kind of a funk” last year.

“The gist of it is my rib cage is kind of out of alignment and starts to pull on certain things and certain muscles. If I swing a lot and also putt. I mean, a bent-over position and things start to tighten up. If I don't get that stuff kind of loosened out and get a little bit of mobility in there, that's when things start to -- it's not so much the actual swing itself, I'll just go bend over and pick something up, my back will go out and then I'm done for two weeks.

“I had two epidural shots last year and they lasted a week. One was just after Bay Hill and then the next was just before Augusta. It was quite frustrating because I was kind of -- I was coming into most events underprepared and also kind of on the back foot just because of the injuries that I've had, but hopefully a few changes here and there especially with the swing, try and positioning of my hips at the top of my backswing. I tend to sway a little bit to the right and that's kind of what hurts my back, but overall it feels pretty good.’’

Day is one of a bunch of Australians in a field that includes Tiger Woods, also making his 2020 PGA Tour debut.

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