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Cobram Barooga committed to progress for women and girls

by Andrew Young

Karen Lunn, Claudia Marazita and Bree Laughlin with representatives from Cobram Barooga Golf Club.

Already committed to supporting women in golf at a professional level through their hosting of the Webex Players Series Murray River, Cobram Barooga Golf Club has gone a step further, by becoming a signatory to the R&A Women in Golf Charter.  

The Club, which offers 36 championship-standard holes on the Murray River, announced their signatory status at a VIP lunch at the Webex Players Series event earlier this year. 

Particularly strong progress, it comes only twelve months after committing to establishing an action plan to support women and girls and is indicative of the support that the Charter is receiving nationwide. 

“We fully endorse becoming a signatory to the Charter,” said Sporties/ Cobram Barooga Golf Club CEO, Bobby Brooks.  

“We want to play our part in developing a culture that values women’s involvement in every aspect of the sport – from participation to pursuing a career in golf.” 

The Charter, which is designed to enable more women and girls to maximise their potential in the sport, has the broad support of Golf Australia and growing commitment from clubs and facilities right around the country.  

It also had unanimous support from the Board at Cobram Barooga.  

“We acknowledge the important role that community golf clubs play in transforming golf into a sport that is highly engaging, accessible and fully inclusive for women and girls,” Brooks explained. 

To that end, the club has implemented a number of changes to help get more women and girls involved at their facility. 

Golf simulators have been installed inside the sporting club precinct, as well as a brand-new mini golf course outside the Pro Shop, meaning there are more ways to get into and play the game at Cobram Barooga than ever before.  

Head of Workforce Engagement at Golf Australia, Claudia Marazita is also pleased by the steps that clubs like Cobram Barooga are taking. 

She offered a presentation at the launch luncheon, addressing how the golf industry can overcome challenges of female inclusion  

“After personally experiencing many challenges and barriers as a female in sport, it is so exciting to hear about the proactive work being done across the country,” she said. 

“It is all designed to support participation and the inclusion of women and girls in golf.” 

For more information on the facilities and opportunities available at Cobram Barooga Golf Club, click HERE 

For more information on the R&A Women in Golf Charter, click HERE 



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