10 Dec 2019 | Professional golf |

Bulging Bryson talks a big game

by Mark Hayes

Bryson jacked_image
Bryson DeChambeau cuts a vastly different figure in Melbourne today (left) compared to his 2015 visit at Huntingdale (right). Pictures: JUSTIN FALCONER

If you missed seeing Bryson DeChambeau last time he played in Melbourne, don't worry, there's a lot more of him to see this time around.

The increasingly burly American, known for his fascination with science, was happy to oblige today when asked for numbers to document his noticeably different physique.

He said that he now weighed 100kg, up from a svelte 88kg when he was runner-up to Peter Senior as an amateur in the 2015 Australian Masters at Huntingdale.

He also revealed the following bodily expansions (all in inches):

Chest size           52-54

Under chest       36-39

Waist                  34-37

Hips                    42-43

Neck                   17.5-18.5

Shoulders           19-20

Thighs                 22-23

By 3pm today, the talkative Californian had consumed three peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, one ham sandwich, bacon and eggs, a protein shake and two protein bars.

It's enough, according to Xander Schauffele, to warrant some not-so-subtle banter among his US teammates.

"Oh, yeah, we have to pick on him. I mean, he just, he's always eating," Schauffele said at Royal Melbourne today.

"I call him, `Skinny'. He'll get a chuckle out of it.

"But he's a big dude. I don't even know what size he is. I think (the shirt sponsor) had to customise a shirt for him.

"I have no idea. It might be a double XL, triple XL, I have no clue. He's quite a specimen right now."

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