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Big things happening at Little Para

by Golf Australia

Little Para
The stunning par-3 course at Little Para: photo supplied by Peter Vlahandreas

By Patrick Taylor

Little Para in Adelaide has long been a favourite of locals and those in the know, but with a new partnership in place with GreenSpace Management, who have big plans for the facility, it will soon be a very popular destination for Adelaide golfers and non-golfers alike.

GreenSpace Management have partnered with the City of Salisbury on a 15-year plan to transform not only the current par-3 course and driving range, but also bring additional attractions to Little Para.

It is an inspiring example of golf courses and local councils working together to provide better and more accessible facilities for local residents.

City of Salisbury Mayor, Gillian Aldridge OAM, recognises that Little Para is an asset to the local community, and a site that is worth not only preserving, but investing in.

“Little Para has always been a great place to learn the game. We encourage golfers and non-golfers to keep an eye on Little Para as the changes roll out,” she said.

Plans include installation of interactive technology on the driving range and upgrading amenities to allow Little Para to be more accessible to everyone in the community.

Managing Director of GreenSpace Management, Peter Vlahandreas, is very excited to commence work at Little Para.

“Little Para will be the blueprint for community focused, public access golf facilities throughout the nation,” he said.

“(The facility) will engage our community through the creation of modern and entertainment focused golf experiences.”

GreenSpace will be adding in the second SHANX Mini Golf Course to Adelaide and fourth nationally. SHANX Mini Golf Courses attract new golfers and help foster their journey in the sport, as well as retaining time-poor players within the sport.

The existing courses have seen healthy participation, particularly in women and girls.

This plan will transform Little Para into the perfect facility for these new golfers. Having market leading mini-golf, an interactive driving range with enhanced technology, and a fun par-3 course all on the same site is both unique and inspiring.

Tony Craswell, Head of Venue Development at Golf Australia, said the Australian Golf Strategy’s purpose to have “more Australians play more golf” is perfectly aligned to the council and GreenSpace vision for Little Para.

“Our philosophy of 'all golf is golf and all of us can be golfers' will come to life at Little Para,” he said.

“Diversifying the experiences at Little Para with more alternate formats of the game ensures that golf is being presented to engage a wider range of people”.

GreenSpace are also the team behind the popular revamp of Freeway Golf Course in Melbourne - another example of positive investment from the local council in public golf facilities.

Freeway has fast become a favourite (once again) in Melbourne, and Little Para now has the resources behind it to do the same.

Little Para | GreenSpace Management | City of Salisbury

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