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Big Swing for the future - first simulator venue signs R&A Women in Golf Charter

by Andrew Young

Big Swing Kew

Cutting-edge indoor golf simulator venue, Big Swing Golf Kew, has become a signatory to the R&A Women in Golf Charter, becoming the first simulator golf location to do so – publicly stating their commitment to improving the game for women and girls.  

Open since 2016 and one of the initial Big Swing Golf locations in Australia, the Kew franchise provides players with a unique golf and multi-sport experience that is fun for golfers and non-golfers alike.  

Committed to ensuring that their venue, which can act as a pathway for new players to get into the game, is welcoming for everyone, General Manager, Tracey Ellett was pleased to earn signatory status.  

“Our interest in becoming a signatory to the Charter is to differentiate ourselves from what might be considered golf’s ‘traditional clientele,’ she said. “We were determined to showcase that this is a wonderful place to get introduced to golf and then learn and practice the game. 

“Ultimately, it is about getting new women and girls involved.” 

Having achieved signatory status late last month, Tracey and the team at Big Swing Golf Kew wasted no time in taking their offering for women and girls to the next level. 

Totally embracing Golf Australia’s Women and Girls’ Month, they held a women’s clinic on Monday March 5th, with eleven new golfers in attendance.  

“It would be fair to say that many of them arrived quite nervous – not having really played before,” Tracey recalled. “But to see the improvement and the passion that developed over two hours was very gratifying.  

“They felt extremely pleased with the progress they could make in a short period of time.” 

It highlights something that Tracey believes is at the core of off-course golf providers; that they are a safe, comfortable and accessible environment for new players to enjoy golf. 

“Golf can be an intimidating game for a new player,” Tracey explained. “Whether that is the fear of holding up others on the course, or a perceived feeling of judgement.  

“Simulator golf removes those barriers, as players are in their own booth where they can play at their own speed, with a sense of privacy.” 

Moreover, the high-quality simulator technology at Big Swing Golf Kew, powered by Full Swing Simulators means that golfers receive instant shot feedback and data that can aid rapid development and skill acquisition indoors.  

To that end, Tracey believes that Big Swing Golf Kew can utilise its unique position in the market – and new status as a signatory to the R&A Charter, to help grow the game for another generation of women and girls. 

Committed to a range of exciting initiatives, Tracey highlighted an upcoming Family Day on March 17th, as well as monthly women’s clinics, as opportunities to indicate that theirs is a venue for everybody.  

“The Family Day is designed to get families enjoying the game together, while the women’s clinics will be running on the last Monday of every month starting from March 25th

“We are optimistic that these clinics will ultimately be running more frequently than that as we continue to develop as a welcoming location for women and girls to play the game.” 

Also excited to continue educating the industry on the benefits and opportunities that exist with simulator golf, Tracey knows that the product, now backed up by a commitment to the R&A Charter, will continue to benefit golf in the long term. 

“It is important that we continue to recognise that all golf is golf,” she said. “Lots of people don’t necessarily understand what goes on inside an indoor golf facility and educating people on that is key to continue growing. 

“As we continue that journey, we want to be known as somewhere that fosters development for women and girls.” 

For more information on Big Swing Golf Kew, click HERE 

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