24 Nov 2020 | Professional golf |

ALPG renames itself to add 'women'

by Martin Blake

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The ALPG has renamed itself, removing the ‘Ladies’ from its name to reflect modern thinking and replacing it with ‘Women’.

Australian Ladies Professional Golf, the national tour for women’s golf, will henceforth be known as the WPGA, or Women’s Professional Golfers' Association.

It is reflected in new branding released today which includes a new logo for the men’s tour, the Australasian PGA Tour.

The men’s and women’s bodies are continuing with a collaboration that is groundbreaking in world terms, releasing new logos together. They were created by design agency SE Creative.

Use of the term ‘ladies’ continues in several of the world’s biggest female tours. The LPGA Tour in America is the world’s biggest and most lucrative, while the Ladies European Tour also retains its original branding.

But Karen Lunn, chief executive of the WPGA, said the change was highly significant.

“We are extremely excited to leverage the strength of the world-renowned PGA brand and create a strong, bold and aspirational platform to elevate women’s professional golf,” Lunn said.

“As the ALPG we celebrate a proud history dating back to 1972 when our founding members started the women's tour here in Australia, and this next step will ensure the future of our game is structured in a way that provides women golfers with even greater opportunities moving forward.

“We are proud to adopt the ‘W’ mark, which has become a powerful symbol in women’s sport the world-over. WPGA Tour of Australasia will sit proudly alongside the PGA Tour of Australasia representing the tournament playing arms of the professional game in our territory.”

Australian PGA chief executive Gavin Kirkman called it “a historic moment for Australian golf”.

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