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AGF Junior Girls Golf Scholarship - FAQs

How many girls can we offer scholarships to?

Each club/facility is expected to offer scholarships for a minimum of five and a maximum of seven girls. Who is the target market for this program?

Many girls tend to drop out of golf at two critical stages:

  1. Transitioning from clinics into playing/membership/competition

  2. As teenagers.

The scholarship program therefore focuses on assisting girls to integrate into club membership. They are supported to progress into on-course play, obtaining a handicap and playing competition. It is vital that girls enjoy this experience together to keep them engaged and supported.

While your group of scholarship holders can be a mix of abilities and ages, ideally, we want to see girls aged 10-16 graduating from beginner clinics into the scholarship program.

What are the selection criteria?

The AGF Scholarship Steering Committee is seeking an equitable representation of clubs from all states and territories and regional/metropolitan areas. Selection will also be based on a club’s capacity to recruit at least five girls and deliver a successful program.

Can we combine our application with a neighbouring club/facility?

Two clubs can collaborate if both clubs cannot attract five girls each. The following terms and conditions apply:

  • Only one club to take full responsibility for the application

  • Sessions can be delivered between the two clubs if the group of scholarship holders remains together for those sessions.

  • Each scholarship holder needs to participate in the full program (24 sessions), not 12 sessions.

  • All correspondence must be with the one nominated club.

  • Only one club will be listed on the representative list for 2022.

Can we have girls aged under 10?

The target market should be girls aged 10-16 as a guide. However, if there is a younger girl who displays outstanding talent and/or desire to be involved, she can be invited to take part.

Can girls already with a handicap be accepted?

As per above, your target market should be girls in the process of obtaining handicaps. If, however, there is a girl who is not in that category but it is perceived she could benefit from a scholarship, she can be invited to take part.

Girls with handicaps can be excellent role models for aspiring players. If not officially a scholarship-holder, it is recommended you still connect these girls by inviting girls with handicaps to join clinics at times and/or connect these girls up to play together.

Can girls who held a scholarship through this program in 2021 be granted another scholarship in 2022?

The aim of the scholarship program is to transition girls into club membership. Preferably, each year we should see a new intake of girls. There is some leniency here however, particularly due to the impact of Covid-19 across programs in 2021. if there is a girl/s who you feel will benefit from a second year in the program, this will suffice.

Can girls hold a scholarship but remain in their pre-existing programs mixed with non-scholarship holders?

No. Scholarship holders must have a stand-alone program. Does a PGA professional have to deliver coaching?

It is preferred that PGA professionals deliver coaching for the scholarship program. If your club/facility does not have a resident PGA professional, you can engage an external PGA member to deliver and/or appoint a Community Instructor. We really encourage female teaching professionals to participate.

Will our club/facility be out of pocket for this program?

Sucessful clubs/facilities will receive $2000 (plus GST) in funding. Coaching requirements are 24 x one-hour sessions (at an estimated $100 per session). Clubs/facilities will need to cover the $400 shortfall and one-year free memberships. Shirts and caps will be provided at no cost.

What is the timing of an ideal professional teaching program?

Ideally, the program works very smoothly to have six weeks of training per school semester of 6 x 4 school semesters. But some clubs also suggest using the time in school holidays. However some of the girls may be away on vacation during school holiday. All clubs must avoid any drop-outs from the pro training sessions who do not have a valid reason for missing the lesson.

How does a club encourage the junior girl scholars to continue their club membership after the year is up?

We encourage each club’s women’s committee and members to offer to play golf with the girls and create a welcoming and encouraging environment for the girls to consider staying on as members. The more girls that stay on, they will have their mates to play with as well.

Is it necessary to have an interview process before choosing the sucessful candidate?

Yes, this is an important process firstly to ask young girls to write a biography about themselves in which the feedback reflects a real “grown-up” project they do with their parents. It is important for the parents to bring the child to be interviewed. We encourage the women’s committee to have someone on the interview panel. You will get great feedback as to how keen the junior is, what their prior experience is with golf, and to meet potential new members of the club. We can provide a questions template if needed. We are concerned about the effects of Covid and ongoing lockdowns in 2022.

We are all living with this uncertainty. We ask centres/facilities to plan for a lockdown free program and if/when an interruption occurs, we will deal with the situation accordingly. It is also important to note that those clubs/facilities in Victoria and New South Wales who have been affected by Covid-19 lockdowns in 2021 can reapply for funding, on the proviso that the final portion of your 2021 program is run at the beginning of 2022.

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