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Age no barrier for Launceston superintendent

by Andrew Young

Mack Blazely

For Mack Blazely, greenkeeping is in his blood. 

His father spent more than a decade at Riverside Golf Club in Tasmania’s north, before moving to the coastal Greens Beach. Going to work at the course with his old man always excited Mack, who remembers being interested in the mowers and machinery his dad would use. 

The shoe is on the other foot these days, however, as the twenty-three-year-old is now in charge as the superintendent at Launceston Golf Club – Tasmania's oldest 18-hole course.  

“I always liked going to work with dad, and played some golf as a junior,” explains Mack. “So I did think there could be a career for me in golf in one way or another one day.” 

As a 16-year-old, and only two weeks into college, Mack applied for an apprenticeship at Launceston, a role he secured and a move that paved the way for a rapid rise through the ranks.  

“I didn’t have my license for the first six months, so mum and dad were ferrying me to work early in the mornings, but I enjoyed it straight away,” he laughs. “There was a bit of chopping and changing with the staff in those early days, so I probably ended up second-in-command pretty quickly.” 

Experienced for his age, and well known and respected around the club, Mack was encouraged to go for the role of super when it came up and was glad to accept it formally in April 2023. 

“I had moved through pretty quickly and was well-supported to get the role,” he recalls. “It was a big step up, but I have really enjoyed it and we’ve got a great team here who get on really well so that makes it easier. 

“I am certainly not an office man. I much prefer getting out there and helping out the team.” 

Now responsible for ensuring the course is in tip-top condition for members, guests and major tournaments, Mack was thrilled to host his first Tasmanian Open last month. 

Although he had seen how big events work in the past, it was a new challenge being the man tasked with delivering it. 

“We probably started preparations about eight weeks out,” he says. “Little things like neatening up tee boxes and bunkers, before we really ramped it up with about a fortnight to go. 

“You’re cutting everything every day in the lead up, getting the greens up to speed and just tightening the whole thing up. 

“It is hard work but getting the course up for something like that is really rewarding. 

“We had a few people jump on as volunteers as well which certainly helps out and it was a big success.” 

Considering his rapid rise through the industry, Mack is measured when considering his future and the possibilities that exist for him in golf. Indeed, he is keen to stay in the game, and knows that he has the chance to do something special at Launceston. 

“I have already been here for seven years and absolutely love it,” he says. “I love working in golf and really enjoy being part of the industry. 

“I am aware that I probably have the chance to build a bit of a dynasty here at Launceston and do something pretty special with the team.” 

For more information on Launceston Golf Club, click HERE 

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