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A great sport for West Australian women to work

by Golf Australia

Suzanna Blay-Martin of GolfWA
Suzanna Blay-Martin of GolfWA

The Women and Girls in Golf Careers Showcase is heading west for the first time.

Being held at Wembley Golf Complex on Friday, September 15 from 3.30-6pm, the Showcase is an opportunity for women and girls to learn about the exciting career opportunities that exist in golf in Western Australia and beyond.

Set to kick off with some mini-golf mayhem, the event will feature a panel of women representing diverse career streams within the industry.

Panelists will share their experiences, and help attendees understand what a path to a career in golf can look like.

Suzanne Blay-Martin, Events and Tournaments Coordinator at Golf WA, is looking forward to being a panelist and inspiring the next intake of women administrators.

“There is such a strong community within golf, particularly among the women,” Blay-Martin said.

“Now is an exciting time to get involved so I encourage those thinking of a career change or future career to come and learn more."

You don’t have to be a golfer to work in golf and Blay-Martin is a perfect example of how a career in golf can be enriching and fulfilling regardless of your skills on the course.

“What I enjoy about golf is how it’s a sport for everyone,” she said.

“It is one of the few sports you can play at any age, any level, any ability and in a multitude of formats.

“As a woman who works in golf, it’s important for me to see that the sport is welcoming and inclusive of all genders. I think golf is making great strides in doing that.”

Blay-Martin worked with Tennis Australia before starting with GolfWA just over two years ago.

“Moving in between sports, it is interesting to see the same challenges we all face,” she said.

Tiffany Cherry, Head of Women and Girls Engagement at Golf Australia, is pleased her vision to empower women to see what they can be, has come to life.

“This showcase forms part of Australian Golf’s commitment to provide more opportunities for women to participate in all aspects of our game,” she said.

For more information and to register visithttps://forms.gle/RfjGyRakLGWTqV87A

Want to take the first steps in your golfing journey? A Wembley Callaway Reva Beginner Clinic is running before the Showcase. To learn more and register visit Wembley Callaway REVA Beginner Clinic Event :: Welcome (golfgenius.com)

There are more careers in golf than you think. Here’s a selection:

Professional Golfer: Compete in tournaments and championships at the highest level.

Golf Instructor/Coach: Teach and provide guidance to golfers of all skill levels.

Golf Course Manager: Oversee the operations of a golf course, including maintenance, scheduling, and staff management.

Golf Course Superintendent: Responsible for the maintenance and care of the golf course, including the grounds, greens, and fairways.

Golf Club Professional: Work in a club's pro shop and provid assistance to golfers, organise events, and manag the facility.

Golf Equipment Sales Representative: Sell golf equipment such as clubs, balls, and apparel to customers and golf shops.

Golf Course Architect: Design and plan the layout of golf courses, considering factors like terrain, aesthetics, and playability.

Golf Course Agronomist: Focus on the science of turf management, ensuring optimal playing conditions and sustainability.

Golf Tournament Director: Organize and manage golf tournaments, handling logistics, player registration, and sponsorship arrangements.

Golf Marketing Manager: Develop and implement marketing strategies to promote golf courses, equipment, and events.

Golf Development Manager: Coordinate initiatives and strategies that grow the game of golf.

Golf Course Photographer: Capture high-quality images of golf courses, tournaments, and players for marketing and media purposes.

Golf Course Hospitality Manager: Oversee the food and beverage operations at golf courses, including restaurants, bars, and catering services.

Golf Course Sales Manager: Sell golf course memberships, corporate packages, and other services to individuals and businesses.

Golf Course Greenskeeper: Maintain and care for the greens, including mowing, watering, and applying fertilizers and pesticides.

Golf Course Irrigation Specialist: Install and maintain the irrigation systems used on golf courses to ensure proper watering and drainage.

Golf Course Equipment Technician: Repair and maintain golf course machinery and equipment, such as mowers, tractors, and irrigation systems.

Golf Retail Store Manager: Manage operations and sales at a golf equipment retail store, overseeing inventory, staff, and customer service.

Golf Fitness Trainer: Provide fitness training and conditioning programs specifically tailored for golfers to enhance performance and prevent injuries.

Golf Course Cart Attendant: Assist golfers with the rental, storage, and maintenance of golf carts and other equipment.

Golf Course Event Coordinator: Plan and organize special events, such as weddings, corporate outings, and charity tournaments, held at golf courses.

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