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A century of history on film

by Martin Blake

Apollo Bay image
Apollo Bay Golf Club has amazing coastal views.

Apollo Bay Golf Club is south-western Victoria celebrated its centenary last year, and now it has marked the occasion with a 30-minute video showcasing its history.

The club was formed in 1923 when Apollo Bay was a timber town; the Great Ocean Road did not arrive until after World War II. There were no major roads in and out.

The Crown land with stunning ocean views at Bunbury Point, right on the foreshore, was unoccupied.

“It was on a point that was windswept, and no one wanted to live out there,” said Damian Carney, the club curator, on the video.

“They were like: ‘What else are you going to use it for? Graze cattle on it? Hey, let’s have a golf course’!’’

The rest, as they say, is history.

The early golfers at Apollo Bay built fences around the greens to keep the animals out.

When they needed the fairways cut, they brought in cattle to do the job.

Every one of the nine holes has an ocean view, some of the best at any golf course in Australia.

The video includes contributions from numerous members of the club.

“How remarkable it is that people in a remote community with virtually no resources, could say to themselves ‘we can visualise a golf course’ of this beauty that we have today,’’ said Graham Hill, the club secretary.

“I think it’s reflective of the love, the commitment, the contribution and the collaboration amongst the community.”

The video, produced by Jackson Hayat, is called: ‘100 Years on the Green’ and is on Youtube.

Watch the full video

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