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MyGolf Girls Month's big jump

by Dane Heverin

Girl with a golf flag.

Girls golf across Australia is on the rise courtesy of MyGolf Girls Month.

The Golf Australia initiative was held for a second straight year this April to promote girls’ participation within golf and to raise awareness, and it has delivered a 53% increase in the number of MyGolf Girls programs being offered at clubs and facilities across the country compared to last April.

More than 100 clubs and facilities are now offering the introductory program for girls and the rise in participants in the month of April alone is staggering.

Of this year’s MyGolf Girls registrations, 39% signed up during April and Golf Australia Junior Products Manager Emma Phillips said it was a testament to the Community Instructors and PGA Professionals who run these programs for getting more girls swinging a club.

“Everyone at Golf Australia is absolutely delighted to see more girls participating in MyGolf and beginning a lifelong journey with our great game,” Phillips said.

“MyGolf Girls Month is an initiative that we are proud of, and we have received great feedback from clubs and facilities who are working hard to bring more budding golfers through MyGolf every term.

“It has also been sensational to hear so many great stories from clubs throughout the month of April of how best friends met through MyGolf, how mothers and daughters bonded through a shared love of the game, how young girls met their golfing heroes, and so much more. 

“We know that there is still more room for growth for MyGolf Girls and we’re excited to try to reach its potential.”

One PGA Professional who is working hard to get more girls participating in MyGolf is Harley Williams of Bendigo Golf Club.

When Williams moved back to Bendigo last year for family reasons, there were no junior programs at the club and he has made it his mission to bring golf back for local kids, particularly for girls.

“The purpose of our MyGolf programs really is to give the girls the opportunity to not only be introduced to the sport, but to also help grow their interest in the game,” Williams said.

Anthony Bergin, PGA Professional at 13th Beach Golf Links, is another who is seeing the benefits of the program.

“MyGolf at 13th Beach creates a structured progression from beginner to regular golfer,” Bergin said.

“Even for a strong membership base like ours, we still need to have a pathway to membership and regular golf. At 13th Beach, we have a clear platform, which involves learning in a fun filled environment.

“The girls only program gives each participant the feeling of being involved in an all-inclusive environment. I have seen first hand how comfortable the girls feel in an all-girl environment, which then leads to long-term friendships and bonding in golf and beyond. 

“MyGolf creates self-confidence, belonging, enjoyment and skill learning that will encourage girls to participate in our great sport.”

Learn more about MyGolf Girls here.

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