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Girls flock to MyGolf

by Golf Australia

Girls putting at 13th Beach MyGolf Girls clinic
Girls putting at 13th Beach MyGolf Girls clinic

MyGolf is one of Australian junior sport’s hottest properties.

The number of MyGolf Girls programs across the country has increased by 34.2% in the past four weeks.

Amazingly, total registrations in MyGolf Girls programs has increased by 25.4% in the same period.

These increases come off the back of MyGolf Girls Month which has run throughout April to encourage more girls to get into golf.

But most importantly, the rise in participation reflects the growing appetite for golf among Aussie girls.

And it’s the work of volunteers, clubs and parents in driving these Golf Australia-led initiatives that’s ensuring these girls are not starved of opportunities.

The April school holidays featured girls’ golf camps in South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria.

The girls in attendance learnt how to practice the key areas of the game and how to strategically work their way around a golf course.

But the girls’ time together off the course was an equally important aspect of the initiative.

“The girls enjoyed mixing with a range of girls in their groups and it was amazing to see new friendships formed,” said Megan Carr, Golf Australia’s female engagement manager for Victoria.

The #MyGolfGirls social media posts by the girls and their parents have raised awareness of the opportunities available in golf and encouraged other girls to get involved.

“We know that girls involved in golf in their early years go on to be lifelong participants of the game,” said Emma Phillips, Golf Australia’s junior product manager.

And the key to becoming lifelong participants, she said, is golfing with other girls.

Which MyGolf caters for by making social connection an inherit part of the MyGolf Girls program.

“We’ve asked girls in current MyGolf programs their thoughts and 70 per cent of them would prefer to learn and play with other girls,” Phillips said.

The push to get more girls playing golf does not end with MyGolf Girls month, with local programs ongoing.

“We just ask that all golfers continue to make the great game a place where all girls can’t wait to get involved and then stay involved,” Phillips said.

“Having girls involved is the sport’s future – having them involved together is critical to that.”

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